Terminal Logistics

FOTON TM3 Cargo Box: Providing small and short distance urban logistics

To meet the needs of urban end micro -freight, Dora fast running to achieve efficient operation, and micro cards are preferred.

Meeting the demand for various cars such as store distribution, freight rental, and self -provided by enterprises is the first micro card of the city’s end logistics.
The variety is rich, providing a variety of options for flat -headed and short -headed cabs, rear single and rear twins, taking into account the carrying and comfort.

.To meet the requirements of the development of mini-truck overseas market: mini-truck products are increasingly high-grade and environment friendly and safe, and they are constantly updated and competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and thus the brand value is highlighted in market competition;
.To meet the changes in overseas customer needs: more widely used, increased income of residents, improved road conditions, strong urban and rural logistics, and changes in income channels.
FOTON TM3 CARGO BOX Market Strategic Positioning

.The market positioning of mini-truck is urban cargo van, in which the mini-truck below GVW3T targets the market of urban end logistics distribution, and that above GVW3T targets the market of urban logistics transportation;
.Where, TM1 short axle products cover the market of GVW 1.8T and below, competing with Japanese old products; TM1 medium and long axle products cover the market of GVW 1.8-3T, competing with Japanese new products and Chinese products; TM2 diesel products cover the market of GVW 3T and above, dividing the market shares of Korean small trucks.
FOTON TM is a type of mini-truck with heavy load capacity providing small and short distance urban logistics for users.

FOTON TM3 Cargo Box-1

FOTON TM3 Cargo Box-2

FOTON TM3 Cargo Box-3
FOTON TM3 Cargo Box