Terminal Logistics

FOTON Gratour T3: With manual box and a minimum fuel consumption

It is the Foton mini truck Gratour T3, with manual box and a minimum fuel consumption.

Foton Gratour T3 is mini-truck with one cab, manual driving which helps low cost on fuel, additionally, you can install any type of box goods. It is very convenient to use in town or city placing safety and reducing accident and traffic. It stands out as known as, efficiency, low cost, safety, flexible and affordable.

High Effecncy Power

Engines Independently Developed By Foton

Large cargo compartment: For all the short-head mini-pickup freight vehicles, it has the maximum capacity of 2800*1560*36 mm, capacity of 1.5T ,individual design for cargo compartment and body, high strength,
high cargo-carrying capacity, standard cargo compartment configuration, and other practical designs which are more suitable for carrying cargos.
Ultra long endurance: 55L high-capacity fuel tank, never rusted, safer, maximum endurance mileage of more than 700KM.

FOTON Gratour T3 Double Cabin

FOTON Gratour T3 Simple Cabin