Special Purpose

Foton Mixer Truck: Democratic vehicle needs in the whole field

Relying on Futian Motor Super Power Chain Product Line to meet the needs of special vehicles such as refrigerated transportation, dumping, dangerous chemical transportation, municipal sanitation, road rescue, etc., to provide customers with 360 -degree full -service and more targeted product solutions essence.

Foton LOXA L9 Mixer Truck provides large construction machinery including pump machinery and hoisting machinery. The truck crane covers 20t-50t hoisting capacity, pump truck reaches 27m-56m and the mixer truck volume ranges from 6m3 -12m3. The LOXA plant is established by German technologies with annual design total capacity of 16,000pcs.

Industry-leading mixing technology ensures even mixture of concrete and low participation rate; molded blades of mixing drum is designed by optimized logarithmic spiral and cylindrical spiral to ensure concrete homogeneity to avoid segregation with participation rate not above 0.8; heightened and extended blade arrangement increases loading capacity by additional 1m3 even on a steep slope and increases volume utilization by 10%.

As a new generation products of Beiqi Foton group, The L9 series combines the technology of China, Germany and USA. It adopts the integrated manufacturing system of Europe and America, the supply chain includes Cummins, Rexroth, Wabco, Knorr, Valeo, SACHS and Donaldson. All the products are reliable, efficient, energy, safe, and comfortable.

LOXA L9 Mixer Truck Four-axle-2
Foton LOXA L9 Mixer Truck Four-axle

LOXA L9 Mixer Truck-5
Foton LOXA L9 Mixer Truck Three-axle

AUMARK S Concrete Mixer Truck-3
Foton AUMARK S Concrete Mixer Truck