-Foton Mini Truck

FOTON TM3 Double Cabin

Brand: Foton Truck Mate
Platform : TM3
Body width (mm) : 1520
Cabin: Single row/King row/Double row
GVW: 2.5T-3.0T
Left and right hand drive: Left or right hand drive/Right hand drive

    Specification Overview Video
    Specification TM3
    Model Gasoline
    Single Cab Crew Cab


    Overall dimensions (mm) 4470× 1590× 1850 4670× 1590× 1850 4670× 1590× 1850
    Cargo dimensions


    2820× 1560× 360 3050× 1560× 360 2300× 1560× 360
    2820× 1560× 1570 3050× 1560× 1570 2300× 1560× 1570
    Wheelbase (mm) 2400 2600 2600
    Weights GVW (kg) 2795 2795 2795
    Curb Weight (kg) 1210 1210 1270


    Engine model DAM15R DAM15R DAM15R
    Displacement (mL) 1498 1498 1498


    82/6000 82/6000 82/6000

    (N ·m/rpm)

    142/4500 142/4500 142/4500
    Transmission Type 5MT 5MT 5MT
    Tires Quantity 4+1 4+1 4+1
    Model 175R14LT 175R14LT 175R14LT
    Suspension Front McPherson independent suspension
    Rear Leaf spring
    Brakes Front disc, Rear drum
    Power steering Electric power


    Power window
    Fog lamp & DRL
    Air conditioner
    Leather seats

    FOTON TM3 Double Cabin Feature
    More capacity, more efficient

    Foton TM3 double cabin is designed and equipped to obtain greater capacity and better work performance, optimizing your business more efficiently. The time, costs and improvements in the delivery service decreases. It is designed to provide comfort and security, ideal for extended management days.

    More for you, more for your business

    Foton TM3 double cabin will meet the demands you need for your business; performance, efficiency, fuel consumption, which will allow loads of up to 1,500 kg. You can transport a wide variety of products, using its space and load body of 2800 x 1560 x 360 mm (length x width x high).

    With more equipment

    It has air conditioning, 3 -pointed safety belts, 3 -pointed safety belts in rear seats (central 2 -pointed seat), two speakers, radius with USB input and aux, remote control opening in all its doors, electric shells. Everything you need to work with greater comfort and security.


    It has air conditioning, two speakers, radius with USB input and AUX, electrical alzavidrios.


    3 -pointed safety belts, remote control opening in all its doors


    1.6 L motor, load capacity 1,500 kg, maximum power (HP/rpm) 114/6000, 50 -liter fuel pond, with the new Euro 6 standard.


    FOTON TM3 Double Cabin Interior

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