-Foton Mini Truck

FOTON TM3 Cargo Box

Brand: Foton Truck Mate
Platform : TM1
Body width (mm) : 1520
Cabin: Single row/King row/Double row
GVW: 1.8T/2.5T/2.5T-3.0T
Left and right hand drive: Left or right hand drive/Right hand drive

    Specification Overview Video
    Platform TM1
    Body width  (mm) 1520
    Cabin Single row
    GVW (kg) 1800 2500 2500-3000
    Body platform Unitary construction body  ( independent suspension ) Separate frame construction  (non-independent suspension)
    Body form Standard Cab Standard Cab/ Extended cab/ Crew Cab Standard Cab
    Wheelbase 2000 2400 2750 2400
    Engine Model 4W12M1 (G03) DAM15R QC480Q
    Dis- placement  (L) 1.2 1.5 1.8
    Power (kw) 63 82 29
    Torque (Nm) 112 142 104
    Emission Euro I-V Euro I
    Gearbox MR513B DAT18R MG70
    Rear axle carrying  (kg) 1.5T 1.73T 2T
    Brake hydraulic brake / front disc and rear drum
    1Container size  (mm) 2200x 1560x 360 2820x 1560x 360 3100x 1560x 360 2820x 1560x 360
    Tire 155R13/ 165R13 (4+1) 175R14 (4+1) 175R14 ( 4+1/6+1)
    Left and Right Hand Drive Left /  Right Hand Drive Right Hand Drive
    Other configurations Power steering /radio+MP3/  loading sensing pressure proportioning valve, optional: air conditioning, airbag,  ABS+EBD, ESP, power window, central locking, remote control key, one-button start

    FOTON TM3 CARGO BOX Development Background

    .To meet the requirements of the development of mini-truck overseas market: mini-truck products are increasingly high-grade and environment friendly and safe, and they are constantly updated and competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and thus the brand value is highlighted in market competition;
    .To meet the changes in overseas customer needs: more widely used, increased income of residents, improved road conditions, strong urban and rural logistics, and changes in income channels.

    FOTON TM3 CARGO BOX Market Strategic Positioning

    .The market positioning of mini-truck is urban cargo van, in which the mini-truck below GVW3T targets the market of urban end logistics distribution, and that above GVW3T targets the market of urban logistics transportation;
    .Where, TM1 short axle products cover the market of GVW 1.8T and below, competing with Japanese old products; TM1 medium and long axle products cover the market of GVW 1.8-3T, competing with Japanese new products and Chinese products; TM2 diesel products cover the market of GVW 3T and above, dividing the market shares of Korean small trucks.

    FOTON TM is a type of mini-truck with heavy load capacity providing small and short distance urban logistics for users.

    TM Product Selling Points-Creating Product Value for Small, Short-distance urban logistics

    Beautiful and comfortable

    .Beautiful exterior design  .Spacious  .Comfortable driving

    Power diversity

    .Strong power .Efficient transmission .Lightweight design

    Extra-high Load capacity

    . Largest container . Strongest chassis

    Safe and reliable

    .High security . Good reliability

    FOTON TM Product Selling Points-Nice looking and Comfortable

    1. Nice exterior design

    Designed by FOTON and well-known design companies in Europe, America and Japanese, it represents the most cutting-edge design trend in the world. It embodies FOTON Motor’s most advanced vehicle-making concept and technology level. The exterior design is simple and smooth, sporty and fashionable, and it is the most fashionable and most beautiful mini-truck product;
    The vehicle has a streamline design and a small wind resistance, which can improve economy of fuel consumption.

    2. Spacious

    ①Transverse space (left and right)
    FOTON TM is with a wide-body design and a spacious driving space;The internal width of the cab is larger than that of other brands.
    ② Vertical space (front and rear)
    FOTON TM is spacious between front and rear;The rear end panel of the FOTON TM cab is 60mm rearward, giving a more spacious cab space between front and rear.
    ③ User friendly space
    Based on users’ needs, FOTON TM has designed (11 points of) user friendly practical space in the center console, hand brake shield, and door inner trimming.


    FOTON TM3 CARGO BOX Interior

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