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Can EST-A/EST trucks adapt to their country's roads?

Our trucks have went through very strict tests, not just on Chinese roads. The road surface tested simulates a wide variety of roads around the world, including very bad ones. Export trucks are designed to cope with road conditions in export markets.

The clients in South America are afraid that EST-A truck can't adapt to the complex maintain road state in Andes.

Our truck is equipped with Cummins ISG engine and ibreak engine brake. With the cooperation with ZF hydrodynamic retarder, the maximum brake force can be 400 horse power, the road conditions of the long downhill can be completely handled. In addition, our truck is also equipped with Knorr-Bremse overall brake, the brake pressure can be 10bar, the response is quick.

How is the load capacity of FOTON TM?

FOTON TM chassis adopts China Baosteel high-strength steel plate girder, and robot automatic welding; The key parts are strengthened, and the load capacity is very strong. FOTON adopts reinforced rear axle of 1.5tons, 1.73 tons, 2 tons and 2.5 tons, and the rear tires adopt twin tire design and the rear suspension adopts 5 master leaf springs and 2 sub-plate springs. And the container volume is also the largest among the similar products, reaching the maximum 3300*1670*360mm, which can help you to load more goods and improve logistics efficiency. It can be said that the load capacity of FOTON TM is the best among all similar products.

Does Foton have a high reputation as other mini-trucks, such as Suzuki, Hyundai?

Compared with Suzuki and Hyundai, FOTON has a shorter history as it entered to market late. Our products, however, can easily adjust to meet the local market demands, keep the excellent designs and improve the weak aspects. Actually, the FOTON TM is designed in this way, and our cooperative vendors are very famous. This vehicle is equipped with powerful engine and has heavy load capacity. Besides, the vehicle has various advantages such as good stability and low cost of the maintenance. It is a really cost-effective product. I am sure our products will definitely meet your needs.

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