Terminal Logistics

Foton Miler : The world’s leading, China’s largest commercial vehicle enterprise

To meet the needs of urban end micro -freight, Dora fast running to achieve efficient operation, and micro cards are preferred.

Meeting the demand for various cars such as store distribution, freight rental, and self -provided by enterprises is the first micro card of the city’s end logistics.
The variety is rich, providing a variety of options for flat -headed and short -headed cabs, rear single and rear twins, taking into account the carrying and comfort.

Foton Miler is the world’s leading, China’s largest commercial vehicle enterprise.

Braking stability: emergency braking offset <0.8 m at 80 km/h.
Pneumatic braking: large braking torque and short pedal stroke, which is reliable and more suitable for heavy loads.
Hydraulic braking: uniform braking force, comfortable braking process, and convenient operation.
Urban logistics and transportation is trending with the rising demand of last mile delivery.

With the development of the economy, technology, and living standard, the demand for urban logistics and transportation is emerging fast.

Miler series integrates Daimler, ZF, and other international leading brands’ technology, with all-round upgraded systems for power, chassis, electronics, and body, to meet the upgraded needs of users for urban logistics with excellent high quality and high efficiency.

Foton Miler Flat-3

Foton Miler Flat-2
Foton Miler FLATBED