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Foton Miler Cargo Box: You’ll be never afraid of any limited conditions in cities

Foton is the world’s leading, China’s largest commercial vehicle enterprise.

To satisfy the demands of international consumers for urban logistics and transportation, Foton has set many years of truck building experience, absorbed cutting-edge technology from Europe and the US, and created Miler — a high-end light-duty truck brand, which boasts high quality, high performance, high flexibility, high economy and low emission.


Miler is not only designed with modern aesthetics, but also a reliable workhorse.With the right dimessions, you’ll be never afraid of any limited conditions in cities.

Foton Miler’s story

1. Point to the air deflector — emphasizing that Miler is a new generation of products created by FOTON, the single-brand sales champion of Chinese light-duty trucks;

2.The high-end product was created by FOTON with an investment of 400 million yuan over 3 years;

3.Point to the front lamps — they are stylish, built according to modern art aesthetics, and meet the aesthetic standards of the new generation of users;

4.It will always make your eyes shine at first sight;

5.The vehicle has a tough and simple appearance, with more interior space compared to the competitors.

6.Front lamps and its coherent chrome-plated corner design make the front more avant-garde, and the full front design brings you a more powerful sense of visual impact;

7.Introduction to FOTON brand;

8.Diamond LOGO base and Reversing buzzer ensure no blind spots in the field of vision and enhance safety across the board;

9.The design of dual distant light and dual light sources, with high beam diameter of 70 mm and large projection area, makes night driving safer;

10.Introduction to vehicle styling;

11.Point to the front of the vehicle — it incorporates many fashion elements, which meet the aesthetic standards of the new generation of users;

12.Introduction to vehicle color — its fresh and soft bright colors convey a positive attitude towards life;

13.Tiffany blue, the romantic, warm, and fresh color, is the major color tone of the vehicle, which is a noble color between blue and green, known as the world’s most expensive blue, fully reflecting the product class.

foton light truck-6
Foton Miler 4.5T Cargo Box

foton light truck-5
Foton Miler 3.5T Cargo Box