-Foton Mini Truck

Foton Miler 4.5T Cargo Box

Brand: Foton Miler
GVW: 4.5T
Loading weight:3T
Left/Right-hand drive: Left/Right-hand
Engine: 4F20, displacement: 1.968 L
Rated power/speed: 90 kW/3,200 r/min
Torque: 320 N.m/1,400 r/min–2,600 r/min

    Specification Overview Video


    Foton Miler

    Model BJ 1035 V5JV5-05
    Body Single Cabin Single Cabin
    Engine Model DAN20L DAN20L
    Emission Eur. II Eur. II
    Fuel type Gasoline Gasoline
    Power ( KwZrpm ) 106 / 6000 106 / 6000
    TDrque ( N-mZrpm ) 195 / 4400 195 / 4400
    Displacement (ml) 1998 1998
    Transmission DAT25R ( 5MT ) DAT25R ( 5MT )
    Size parameter
    Design body external  dimension (mm)- Flat Box 5165 x 1950 x 2135 5585 x 1950 x 2135
    Cargo compartment  Dimension (mm)- Flat Box 5165 x 1950 x 2135 3815 x 1850 x 400
    Design body external  dimension (mm)- Closed cargo Box 5200 x 1950 x 2725 5620 x 1950 x 2725
    Cargo compartment  Dimension (mm)- Closed cargo Box 3380 x 1850 x 1800 3815 x 1850 x 1800
    Wheel base  (mm) 2700 3000
    Capacity parameter
    GVW  (kg) 3495 3495
    Kerb weight (kg) – Chassis 1455 1485
    Kerb weight (kg) – Flat Box 1765 1815
    Loading weight  (kg)  ( including persons ) 2040 2010
    Payload 2T 2T
    Capacity  ( Person ) 2 2
    Front axle 1T 1T
    Rear axle 2.5T 2.5T
    Rear axle ratio 5.375 5.375
    Basic configuration
    Interior trim Half-inclusive
    Brake clearance self – adjusting arm .
    Brake type Front Disk Disk
    Rear Drum Drum
    Electronic  accelerator pedal
    Parking brake type Central drum Central drum
    Suspention System Front Leaf spring, 3 Leafspring,3
    Rear Leaf spring,  3+2 Leaf spring, 3+2
    EP polymorphic  switch
    Fuel tank Plastic ,60L Plastic ,60L
    Tire Type 185R15 185R15
    Central lock . .
    Electric window .
    Remote  control
    Automatic  headlights
    Electrically  adjustable headlights
    Halogen headlights
    Cigarette lighter .
    12V power socket
    One-key lock  car window lift ( no anti-pinch ) .
    Door not  closed warning
    Forgotten key alarm
    Drivers seat  belt not fastened Alarm .
    Option configuration
    o o o
    9 inch MP5 +  reversing image  +  bluetooth o o
    Mechanical shock – absorbing driver’s seat o o
    Electric air conditioner o o
    Flat Box o o
    Cargo Box ( Closed ) o o
    LCD Dashboard o o
    Daylight o o
    Electric  adjustable rearview mirror o o
    Reversing radar  +  Craise o o
    PU seat o o

    Foton is the world’s leading, China’s largest commercial vehicle enterprise.

    To satisfy the demands of international consumers for urban logistics and transportation, Foton has set many years of truck building experience, absorbed cutting-edge technology from Europe and the US, and created Miler — a high-end light-duty truck brand, which boasts high quality, high performance, high flexibility, high economy and low emission.

    Foton Miler’s story

    1. Point to the air deflector — emphasizing that Miler is a new generation of products created by FOTON, the single-brand sales champion of Chinese light-duty trucks;

    2.The high-end product was created by FOTON with an investment of 400 million yuan over 3 years;

    3.Point to the front lamps — they are stylish, built according to modern art aesthetics, and meet the aesthetic standards of the new generation of users;

    4.It will always make your eyes shine at first sight;

    5.The vehicle has a tough and simple appearance, with more interior space compared to the competitors.

    6.Front lamps and its coherent chrome-plated corner design make the front more avant-garde, and the full front design brings you a more powerful sense of visual impact;

    7.Introduction to FOTON brand;

    8.Diamond LOGO base and Reversing buzzer ensure no blind spots in the field of vision and enhance safety across the board;

    9.The design of dual distant light and dual light sources, with high beam diameter of 70 mm and large projection area, makes night driving safer;

    10.Introduction to vehicle styling;

    11.Point to the front of the vehicle — it incorporates many fashion elements, which meet the aesthetic standards of the new generation of users;

    12.Introduction to vehicle color — its fresh and soft bright colors convey a positive attitude towards life;

    13.Tiffany blue, the romantic, warm, and fresh color, is the major color tone of the vehicle, which is a noble color between blue and green, known as the world’s most expensive blue, fully reflecting the product class.

    Foton Miler Interior

    Customized Foton Miler for you
    1. Co-creation between factory and customer

    20,000+ advice from light-duty truck users has been gathered;
    Based on operation big data of Foton‘s millions of urban distribution users both in China and abroad;
    “Customer-oriented” and 3 years of co-creation between factory and customer, to build a user-defined super truck.

    2.Directional R&D

    The R&D team of Foton Research Institute has spent three years building a new technology platform targeting low cost, high efficiency, high income, and high comfort, aiming at more than 20 subdivided urban distribution scenarios and 80+ working conditions for light-duty trucks.

    3.Authority participation

    CATARC — China’s automotive R&D authority, is fully involved in the research and development of Miler;
    From the initial user investigation, to more than ten times product improvement, to the final vehicle performance verification, Miler, CATARC, and its users achieve comprehensive participation in production, research, and use to create a win-win situation.

    4.Extreme road test

    The team formed by Miler, Aucan, and CATARC carried out the vehicle performance verification under extreme environments, i.e., plateau (Tanggula Pass, 5,231 m above sea level), high temperature (Turpan, average temperature of 45°C), and cold (Hailar, –40°C) on Miler trucks, as well as 2 million km of comprehensive real-world road testing.

    FOTON Miler — a lightweight truck brand for city logistics and distribution

    There are more than 700 outlets of sales and service in overseas markets for Foton LDT brand(Aucan engine), covering more than 80 countries and regions.

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    Foton Miler – Talk to Foton Miler Styling Engineer

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