-Foton Mini Truck

Foton Miler FLATBED

Brand: Foton Miler
GVW: 3.5T/4.5T
Loading weight:2T
Left/Right-hand drive: Left/Right-hand
Engine: Engine: 4F25, displacement: 2.499 L
Rated power/speed: 96 kW/3,000 r/min
Torque: 320 N.m/1,000 r/min–2,800 r/min

    Specification Overview Video


    Foton Miler

    Model BJ 1035 V5JV5-05
    Body Single Cabin Single Cabin
    Engine Model DAN20L DAN20L
    Emission Eur. II Eur. II
    Fuel type Gasoline Gasoline
    Power ( KwZrpm ) 106 / 6000 106 / 6000
    TDrque ( N-mZrpm ) 195 / 4400 195 / 4400
    Displacement (ml) 1998 1998
    Transmission DAT25R ( 5MT ) DAT25R ( 5MT )
    Size parameter
    Design body external  dimension (mm)- Flat Box 5165 x 1950 x 2135 5585 x 1950 x 2135
    Cargo compartment  Dimension (mm)- Flat Box 5165 x 1950 x 2135 3815 x 1850 x 400
    Design body external  dimension (mm)- Closed cargo Box 5200 x 1950 x 2725 5620 x 1950 x 2725
    Cargo compartment  Dimension (mm)- Closed cargo Box 3380 x 1850 x 1800 3815 x 1850 x 1800
    Wheel base  (mm) 2700 3000
    Capacity parameter
    GVW  (kg) 3495 3495
    Kerb weight (kg) – Chassis 1455 1485
    Kerb weight (kg) – Flat Box 1765 1815
    Loading weight  (kg)  ( including persons ) 2040 2010
    Payload 2T 2T
    Capacity  ( Person ) 2 2
    Front axle 1T 1T
    Rear axle 2.5T 2.5T
    Rear axle ratio 5.375 5.375
    Basic configuration
    Interior trim Half-inclusive
    Brake clearance self – adjusting arm .
    Brake type Front Disk Disk
    Rear Drum Drum
    Electronic  accelerator pedal
    Parking brake type Central drum Central drum
    Suspention System Front Leaf spring, 3 Leafspring,3
    Rear Leaf spring,  3+2 Leaf spring, 3+2
    EP polymorphic  switch
    Fuel tank Plastic ,60L Plastic ,60L
    Tire Type 185R15 185R15
    Central lock . .
    Electric window .
    Remote  control
    Automatic  headlights
    Electrically  adjustable headlights
    Halogen headlights
    Cigarette lighter .
    12V power socket
    One-key lock  car window lift ( no anti-pinch ) .
    Door not  closed warning
    Forgotten key alarm
    Drivers seat  belt not fastened Alarm .
    Option configuration
    o o o
    9 inch MP5 +  reversing image  +  bluetooth o o
    Mechanical shock – absorbing driver’s seat o o
    Electric air conditioner o o
    Flat Box o o
    Cargo Box ( Closed ) o o
    LCD Dashboard o o
    Daylight o o
    Electric  adjustable rearview mirror o o
    Reversing radar  +  Craise o o
    PU seat o o

    Foton Miler is the world’s leading, China’s largest commercial vehicle enterprise.

    Braking stability: emergency braking offset <0.8 m at 80 km/h.
    Pneumatic braking: large braking torque and short pedal stroke, which is reliable and more suitable for heavy loads.
    Hydraulic braking: uniform braking force, comfortable braking process, and convenient operation.

    Service braking performance comparison
    Performance index Miler H100
    Cold braking efficiency  ( at 60 km/h,  engine disengaged ) Full load Braking distance (m) ≤30 36.1
    Idling ≤25 35.9
    Cold braking efficiency  ( at 80 km/h,  engine engaged ) Full load Braking distance (m) ≤60 75.8
    Idling ≤50 67.2
    Flexible wheelbase. With dimensions of 5,495 mm×1,950 mm×2,135 mm, the wheelbase is only 2.9 m, which is much lower than that of the traditional light-duty trucks (3,100 mm and 3,300 mm), making turning more flexible. Less than 2.2 m high, it can easily access most underground garages, more adaptable to working conditions.
    2,500/2,900 mm of wheelbase. The whole vehicle is 5.5 m long and 2.1 m wide, with a shorter wheelbase, making it turning radius smaller. The biggest benefit of this is that you can turn at one time on narrow roads, which is more flexible and faster.
    2,070 mm of body height does not exceed the underground garage height limit (2,100 mm).

    5.4 m of the turning radius allows Miler to pass community and township roads without incident. 10.8 m of the minimum turning diameter is better than competitive products in the same level of the market.

    The 1,950 mm wide Miler only needs one parking space, suitable for moving house.

    Foton Miler Value point — minimum pallet height

    1. The pallet height of the vehicles on the market is in the range of 90 cm to 1 m, which is particularly laborious for loading and unloading; and our vehicle has the lowest pallet in the industry, only 845 mm, which is more convenient for you;

    2. Lowering of the pallet height looks simple but is actually very difficult, and it took more than half a year for the whole design team to solve this problem! The height of the roof of cargo compartment is optimized by dropping millimeter by millimeter;

    3. This vehicle has the widest wheelbase in the van, which makes it stable and load more, so that you will not have to worry about large angles and sharp turns. The vehicle is 2,065 mm high, which not exceed the 2.1 m height limit, making it runs freely without fear and transports in urban and rural areas without hindrance;

    4. With a minimum turning diameter of 10.2 m, you can drive it anywhere on city roads, fields and alleys;

    5. Point to the front tire safety protection of the vehicle;

    6. It meets the anti-collision requirements of Chinese standard and European standard ECER29, which can effectively guarantee the driver’s life safety. The active design of imported 7. Wabco ABS, brake clearance self-adjusting device, non-through steering gear, and automatically air-cut brake ensures the safety of people, vehicles and goods;

    8. It is installed with the same intelligent alarm system as the passenger car. When the door is not locked, the alarm will sound, so you have nothing to worry about.

    Value point — highlight “space beyond the new Audi, comfort beyond the passenger car”, reflecting the most comfortable driving

    1.The interior width of the cab reaches 1,553 mm, which is 7 mm wider than the Audi A4L, making it possible for three people to ride at the same time without feeling crowded;

    2.The windshield is made of Fuyao laminated glass, which is not only UV resistant, but also unbreakable. Even if it breaks, it will not hurt people, which is safer than tempered glass;

    3.Its high-end seats are designed with reference to passenger car standards, using the Beijing Imperial Palace embroidery process. It is widened and thickened to make it comfortable for sitting and reclining. At the same time, three-person seats are also set up for occasional use;

    4.The interior trim is washable and all-wrapped, exquisite and classy, with little wear and tear;

    5.The steering wheel is multifunctional with a large diameter, and the control keys and instruments are easily accessible for the driver to operate;

    6.The center console is designed to move back further from the driver, giving the driver more space to move. And its surface is treated with piano baking varnish technology, with a higher sense of class;

    7.Largest space;

    8.The instrument panel is equipped with many functions that high-end trucks have, such as a 9-inch instrument panel with LCD screen, MP3, audio, air conditioning, etc.;

    9.Comfortable storage places beyond the passenger car — look here, here, and here, there are up to eight storage spaces designed for you;

    10.Transmission adopts three-cone and two-cone synchronizers, which makes gear shifting smoother;

    11.Humanization design;

    12.The location and angle of the vehicle clutch footrest are optimized, which will effectively reduce the degree of strain on your left leg.

    Foton Miler’s story

    Urban logistics and transportation is trending with the rising demand of last mile delivery.

    With the development of the economy, technology, and living standard, the demand for urban logistics and transportation is emerging fast.

    Miler series integrates Daimler, ZF, and other international leading brands’ technology, with all-round upgraded systems for power, chassis, electronics, and body, to meet the upgraded needs of users for urban logistics with excellent high quality and high efficiency.

    Foton Miler Interior


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