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Foton TUNLAND G7: Power, fashion and youth

On the basis of meeting the fashion appearance and cars, it matches the power of Futian Conominus and Oukang to meet the needs of work and family cars.

Commercial version: equipped with the original power of Futian Conominus, strengthened power output, meets the needs of field work, and adapted to the needs of cargo operations, engineering services, mining cars, and rural operations.
Passenger version: matching the power of Oukang, on the basis of meeting the power needs, comprehensively enjoy the comfortable life enjoyment brought by entertainment, security and quiet power.

Foton TUNLAND G7 pickup truck adopts the design concept of passenger, with the soul of “power, fashion and youth”, showing “power and sport” while balancing ” elegance and stability “.

— Our complete vehicle size is 5340×1940×1870mm, with a body width of 1940mm, which is the largest outside and inside width in its class, which makes our interior space more comfortable.

— The overall design of the front meets the requirements of pedestrian protection regulations and adopts an energy-absorbing pleat design to reduce injuries to pedestrians in a collision.

— The hood has a reinforcing rib design, which improves strength and stability and presents a strong sense of power. It also has excellent sound insulation performance, reducing the transmission of engine and vehicle noise.

— The sharp design of the headlights imitating the eagle’s eye highlights the sense of technology that never stops innovating and the enterprising spirit of going forward in spite of the hardships.

— Long/near light integrated torque lens, excellent mirror concentrating effect, far irradiation distance, strong penetration, irradiation distance up to 200m, 20% higher intensity, safer driving.

— The laterally extended headlights are connected to the grille, increasing the horizontal visual width.

— The front grille adopts a hexagonal design, combined with the large size letters of FOTON, the front perimeter has a tough and elegant appearance.

— The complete vehicle is equipped with large size fog lights as standard, with strong penetrating power and good lighting effect, which makes driving safer in rainy and foggy weather.

— The LED DRL in horizontal minimalist design illuminate the entire front end of the vehicle, with high-grade visual effect and safer driving.

Foton TUNLAND G7 Blue

Foton TUNLAND G7 Red

TUNLAND G7 White-3
Foton TUNLAND G7 White