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Foton VIEW CS2/C2 Window Van: Allows passenger increased comfort and larger cargo

The VIEW CS2 is the 4th generation of Foton’s famous vans brand – View. The View CS2 has a great design and combines performance and comfort.


After 17 years of quality accumulation, with integration of global landscape design concept in classic vehicles, VIEW set comfort, safety, control and bearing, fashionable large space in one. Two series of wide-body CS2 and narrow-body C2, and 9-16 seats product can meet wider demands for enterprise reception, public transport, logistics and other different business.

Featuring leading technologies such as the Cummins engine, the vehicle provides enterprises, public agencies and individual customers with great value, high efficiency and a fantastic driving experience.

While the View CS2 may appear similar to other competitors in its class, it is a physically larger van. this allows passenger increased comfort and larger cargo space in an attractively styled van.

The View CS2 is available in 6 – 18 seat configurations to suit your specific needs. The rear seats can also fold to give a larger cargo area should it be required.

Technology & Performance

Cummins ISF 2.8 Diesel Engine
The View CS2’s powerful 120KW Cummins ISF 2.8 diesel engine is the strongest in the class of engines with displacements below 3.0L. It also has a maximum torque output of 360 N.m, which is 22.5%-60% higher compared to similar products. As a result, it can easily handle harsh road conditions.

The View CS2 features the latest turbocharger intake system. The electronically controlled, high-pressure common rail fuel injection system by BOSCH guarantees the best performance.

The powertrain is based on a modular design concept. It has 40% less components than other similar products. The engine is also 10% lighter than the ones used in similar pickup trucks. Thanks to its special design, it operates at extremely low noise and vibration levels. Maintenance of the engine is easy and cost efficient.

Foton VIEW New CS2 Window Van-2
Foton VIEW CS2 Window Van

Foton VIEW C2 Window Van-3
Foton VIEW C2 Window Van