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Foton VIEW C2 Window Van

Engine Model: 4JB1
Engine type : Diesel – 4 cylinder- water coolant
Displacement: 2771 L
Power(hp/rpm): 94/3600
Torque(N·m/rpm): 225/2300

    Specification Overview Video
    Brand VIEW C2
    Type / Usage Cargo
    Grade S
    Body Narrow body flat
    Back Door Lifted back door
    Sliding Door Single sliding door
    Engine Model 4JB1T
    Engine  Emission Euro IV
    Engine  Fuel type Diesel
    Engine  Power (Kw/rpm)_ 70/3600
    Engine  Torque (N-m/rpm) 225/1800-2300
    Engine  Displacement (ml) 2771
    Transmission 5MT
    Main technical parameter
    Dimension parameter
    Design body external dimension (mm) 4840x1695x1980
    Wheel base (mm) 2570
    Mass parameter
    Total mass (kg) 3020
    Kerb mass(kg) 2005
    Loading weight (kg) (including persons)
    Capacity (Person) 3
    Seating arrangement 3
    Type of the last seat
    Power performance
    Max.speed (km/h) >120
    Fuel economy
    Integrated operating condition of 100 km fuel consumption (full load)(L/100km) >9.4
    Function configuration
    Chasis system
    Wheel assy Tyre 195R15C
    Steel rim+Cover
    Brake safety device ABS+EBD    
    Interior trim
    Type Ordinary gray
    Half a pack / all-inclusive Half pack of interior
    Ceiling PVC+Non-woven
    Steering wheel Adjustable angle of the steering wheel
    Ordinary PU
    Seat Seat fabric | Knitting
    The whole car seat belt
    Three-point seat belt of side seat
    The number of sun visors 2
    Body and accessories
    Number of side sliding door 1
    Front and rear bumpers Black bumper (With striae)
    Blind window Total blindness
    Back door Glass
    Door lock Remote control central locking (Integrated key)
    Front door Electric window
    Outside rear-view mirror Manual
    Outside rear-view mirror housing Black housing
    lamps and lanterns high-mount brake lamp
    Reversing radar(singing)
    Body sound and light alarms
    Air-conditioner system Air conditioner |  Front
    Warm braw |  Front
    Audio device Radio +AUX+USB
    Number of speakers 2
    Others Side outside antenna
    Central storage box
    Number of cup stand 2


    After 17 years of quality accumulation, with integration of global landscape design concept in classic vehicles, VIEW set comfort, safety, control and bearing, fashionable large space in one. Two series of wide-body CS2 and narrow-body C2, and 9-16 seats product can meet wider demands for enterprise reception, public transport, logistics and other different business.

    The View CS2 Window  Van is yet another masterpiece produced by Foton, with a length of up to 6 meters and 18 seats (17+1) coupled with latest Cummins 2,800cc Euro IV turbo-diesel engine that caters to transporting tourist with ample luggage space as well as being suitable for ferrying factory workers and students on a large scale.

    Both View C2 and View CS2 vans are labelled as 3E products, namely Ease, Efficient and Excellent. ‘Ease’ is stipulated as impeccable product quality with minimum issues.

    The View C2 Panel has a great design and combines performance and comfort.

    Featuring leading technologies such as the Cummins engine, the vehicle provides enterprises, public agencies and individual customers with great value, high efficiency and a fantastic driving experience.

    Environmentally Friendly

    The application of the latest technology makes the engine extremely eco-friendly.

    The engine features ECU (Electronic Control Unit) control technology and uses SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) technologies. By employing precise measurement and control mechanisms of the intake of air and the combustion process, nitrogen oxides (NOX) and particulate matter (PM) pollution is substantially reduced.

    Technology & Performance

    4JB1T Isuzu Engine 2.8L
    With the technical route of electronic control high pressure common rail, supercharge intercooler, electronic control EGR and entire vehicle DOC, this vehicle meets China Phase IV emission standard requirements; through the optimized combustion and precision calibration, the low speed torque and speed range are enhanced while the vibration and noise are reduced.

    Displacement 2.771L
    Rated power 70kW/3600r.p.m
    Max. torque 225N.m/1800~2400r.p.m

    Safety Performance

    The View CS2 features a multilayered shield to provide you with the highest degree of safety during your trip.

    Equipped with BOSCH’s four-channel ABS + EBD, the View CS2 enables you to maintain steering wheel control, shortens the breaking distance and increases the driving stability during heavy braking.

    –The View CS2 features upgraded brake lights, electric mirrors, an anti-glare rearview mirror as well as additional devices to ensure road safety.

    –Equipped with a 3H high-strength body and strong anti-collision bars as well as reinforced front and rear bumpers, the View CS2 provides you with maximum protection during a collision.

    –Dual airbags, a collapsible steering column and three-point seat belts are standard features that ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

    –The View CS2 features a roof emergency escape hatch and a safety hammer is in place with which the window can be broken in case of emergency.

    Foton VIEW C2 White Interior
    Foton VIEW C2 White Interior

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