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Foton VIEW C2: With the classic, the achievements of the future

Matching customers with multi -scene passenger car needs, while taking into account the needs of freight and special categories, providing users with multi -level passenger solutions.
Matching scene -based needs such as airports, schools, tourism, etc., products cover business reception, school bus, tourism passenger, public transportation, freight and other gradient requirements.
The product line covers large VAN and VAN categories. Many designated vehicles for major international events are the first choice for quality services.


After 17 years of quality accumulation, with integration of global landscape design concept in classic vehicles, VIEW set comfort, safety, control and bearing, fashionable large space in one. Two series of wide-body CS2 and narrow-body C2, and 9-16 seats product can meet wider demands for enterprise reception, public transport, logistics and other different business.

VIEW CS2 – Your ally in the transport of people.

View CS2 is a Van designed to be your best ally in the transfer of people, since it has a passenger capacity of 15+1, which will allow you to travel both the city and the highway, providing comfort to its occupants who will enjoy a trip comfortable and safe.

It has a high standard equipment with bi-zone air conditioning and central heating to differentiate temperatures by zone. In terms of comfort, safety and style, the View CS2 will always be your best option.

Design, Comfort and Performance.

VIEW CS2 manifests an air of elegance in every design detail. The search for perfection in space, performance, safety and workmanship never ends. With a total distance of 5,380 meters, the FOTON View CS2 stands out for its comfort for its 15 passengers , thanks to its seats, all retractable and removable, which adds great versatility of use due to the multiple possible configurations.

Superior Equipment, Comfort Assured.

VIEW CS2 is, due to technology, comfort and safety, an ideal Van for executive passenger transport, for tourism and also as school transport. It has comfortable reclining seats with headrests and cup holders, 12V power outlet, bi-zone air conditioning and three-point seatbelts that provide greater comfort to its occupants. Other features of this Van are the side mirrors and it also has an audio system with AM/FM and AUX input.

Foton VIEW C2 Flat Top-2
Foton VIEW C2 Flat Top

Foton VIEW C2 Panel Van -5Foton VIEW C2 Panel Van