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Foton VIEW New CS2/C2 Window Van:With The Classic, The Achievements Of The Future

Matching customers with multi -scene passenger car needs, while taking into account the needs of freight and special categories, providing users with multi -level passenger solutions.
Matching scene -based needs such as airports, schools, tourism, etc., products cover business reception, school bus, tourism passenger, public transportation, freight and other gradient requirements.


After 17 years of quality accumulation, with integration of global landscape design concept in classic vehicles, VIEW set comfort, safety, control and bearing, fashionable large space in one. Two series of wide-body CS2 and narrow-body C2, and 9-16 seats product can meet wider demands for enterprise reception, public transport, logistics and other different business.

The View CS2 Window  Van is yet another masterpiece produced by Foton, with a length of up to 6 meters and 18 seats (17+1) coupled with latest Cummins 2,800cc Euro IV turbo-diesel engine that caters to transporting tourist with ample luggage space as well as being suitable for ferrying factory workers and students on a large scale.

Both View C2 and View CS2 vans are labelled as 3E products, namely Ease, Efficient and Excellent. ‘Ease’ is stipulated as impeccable product quality with minimum issues.

The View C2 Panel has a great design and combines performance and comfort.

Featuring leading technologies such as the Cummins engine, the vehicle provides enterprises, public agencies and individual customers with great value, high efficiency and a fantastic driving experience.

Foton VIEW New C2 Window Van-4
Foton VIEW New C2 Window Van

Foton VIEW New CS2 Window Van-2
Foton VIEW New CS2 Window Van