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Foton TUNLAND G7 Red

Drive type:4*2/4*4
Body dimensions, mm :5340*1940*1860(1870)
Cargo compartment dimensions, mm :1520*1580*440
Wheelbase, mm :3110
Front overhang, mm :955

    Specification Overview Video
    Cab form Double Cabin
    Drive type 4×4
    Dimension Chassis overall dimensions

    (L x W x H) mm

    Flat Cargo Box Internal Dimension

    (L x W x H) mm

    Wheelbase (mm) 3110
    Mass Gross vehicle weight (kg) 2980
    Curb weight (kg) 2000
    Rated load mass (kg)/Number of passengers 605kg/5
    Power system Engine Engine model 4F20TC
    Emission Euro IV / Euro V / Euro VI
    Displacement(L) 2.0L
    Power(kw/ps) 120kw/160ps
    Max torque(N.m/rpm) 390/1800-2600
    Transmission ZF 8HP50
    Chassis system Rear axle(Type/Mainreduction ratio) 1.8t/3.91
    Suspension Front: Double wishbone independent suspension, Rear: Leaf spring suspension
    Tyre Model 265/60R18
    Other configurations and performance Minimum ground clearance(mm) 210
    Maximum speed(km/h) 160
    Maximum gradability(%) 30 % (2WD)/60 % (4WD)
    Product feature 1.Foton G7 pickup adopts a Brand-new American off-road pickup truck appearance design concept, 1940 mm ultra-wide body, sedan interior and technical equipment. Whole series equipped with AUCAN 2.0T engine, with a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 390N m, matched with ZF 8AT gearbox.

    2.Interior luxury car interior and technology configuration, driver seat 6-way electric adjustment with front seat heating, automatic constant temperature air-conditioning. The 10.25-inch intelligent central control large screen contains various functions. Foton Pickup equipped dual airbags + side airbags + side air curtains + pre-tightened seat belts.

    Foton TUNLAND G7 pickup truck adopts the design concept of passenger, with the soul of “power, fashion and youth”, showing “power and sport” while balancing ” elegance and stability “.

    — Our complete vehicle size is 5340×1940×1870mm, with a body width of 1940mm, which is the largest outside and inside width in its class, which makes our interior space more comfortable.

    — The overall design of the front meets the requirements of pedestrian protection regulations and adopts an energy-absorbing pleat design to reduce injuries to pedestrians in a collision.

    — The hood has a reinforcing rib design, which improves strength and stability and presents a strong sense of power. It also has excellent sound insulation performance, reducing the transmission of engine and vehicle noise.

    — The sharp design of the headlights imitating the eagle’s eye highlights the sense of technology that never stops innovating and the enterprising spirit of going forward in spite of the hardships.

    — Long/near light integrated torque lens, excellent mirror concentrating effect, far irradiation distance, strong penetration, irradiation distance up to 200m, 20% higher intensity, safer driving.

    — The laterally extended headlights are connected to the grille, increasing the horizontal visual width.

    — The front grille adopts a hexagonal design, combined with the large size letters of FOTON, the front perimeter has a tough and elegant appearance.

    — The complete vehicle is equipped with large size fog lights as standard, with strong penetrating power and good lighting effect, which makes driving safer in rainy and foggy weather.

    — The LED DRL in horizontal minimalist design illuminate the entire front end of the vehicle, with high-grade visual effect and safer driving.

    Foton TUNLAND G7 Red Left/Right

    — The wheelbase of the vehicle reaches 3140mm, which gives the body a dynamic feel and also brings more space for riding.
    — The body has a dynamic look with One-piece wide-bodied wheel brow.
    — Excellent road tires to enhance the driving quality, standard 265/ 60R18 inch oversized tires, while optional 16/17 inch tires to meet the model driving requirements and individual needs of users.
    — The diamond-cut two-color hubs, which are rarely used in the same class, are full of dynamics and provide the vehicle with vitality, driving power and stability.
    — The front suspension adopts double-wishbone structure independent suspension, which is comfortable, and the rear suspension adopts longitudinal steel plate spring non-independent suspension, which has excellent load capacity and can easily cope with various road conditions and different load requirements.
    — The body of the rearview mirror is aerodynamically optimized with rounded corners to cut air resistance, which can effectively reduce the wind resistance coefficient.
    — The rearview mirror is equipped with electric adjustment function, which can facilitate the adjustment of the best viewing angle; the attached electric heating function can keep the mirror dry and clear at all times. It also has integrated LED side turn signals to make merging and turning safer.
    — Welcome lights are integrated under the exterior mirrors and automatically illuminated by key sensing, making it more convenient for boarding at night.
    — Optional 360° surround shadow bird’s-eye view panoramic high-definition image, high-definition resolution, clear picture, easier to observe the obstacles around the vehicle, significantly improve driving safety.
    — Integrated keyless entry in the door handle, just keep the key with you and it will unlock automatically when you approach the vehicle.
    — Side panels in the same color as the body, with three-dimensional surface design to highlight the dynamic style, while providing protection and reducing maintenance costs.
    — The large side sills on both sides of the body are designed to be comparable to a premium SUV, making it easier to board and alight.

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