-Foton Mini Truck

FOTON Gratour T3 Single Cabin Cargo

Brand: Foton PT Gratour
Platform: Gratour T3
Wheel base(mm): 3070
Cabin: Single row/Double row
Load capacity(Kg): 2000
Left and right hand drive: Left hand drive

    Specification Overview Video
    Sealed Container GRATOUR-SX12/DPH.TK GRATOUR-SX13/DPH.TK
    Engine G03 1.2L-4W12M1 DAM 15R
    Engine type 4 stroke , 4 cylinders in line , Water cooled.
    Working volume (cm³) 1206 1498
    Maximum power (kw/rpm) 63 / 6000 82 / 6000
    Maximum torque(n.m) 112/4000-4400 142 / 4500
    Emission level Euro IV
    Fuel type Unleaded Gasoline
    Fuel Consumption 7L 7.3L
    Self-esteem(kg) Badger Barrel 1090 1085
    Frame Hood 1210 1220
    Sealed Container 1270 1250
    Allowable Load(kg) Badger Barrel 995 990
    Frame Hood 890 850
    Sealed Container 830 820
    Total Weight(kg) Badger Barrel 2215 2205
    Frame Hood 2230 2200
    Sealed Container 2230 2200
    Bag Size(mm) Badger Barrel 4400x1670x1900
    Frame Hood 4420x1720x2350 4440x1720x2350
    Sealed Container 4400x1670x2380
    Wheelbase(mm) 2650
    Dimensions of the container (mm) Badger Barrel 2290x1570x360
    Frame Hood 2290x1570x1330/1550
    Sealed Container 2290x1540x1570
    Front axle suspension Independent, cylinder spring, hydraulic shock absorber, stabilizer bar
    Rear suspension system Dependent, semi-elliptic leaf springs, hydraulic dampers
    Wheel recipe 4x2RICE
    Gear 5 Forward 1 Reverse
    Tire 175R14LT
    Glass door  Mechanical / Manual Rotation
    Air conditioning Standard Two-Way
    Sunroof Have
    radio FM / With USB Port
    Number of seats 02 People
    Drive system Electric Power Assist
    Fuel tank (liter) 50L
    Front brake Disc Brakes
    Rear brake Drum Brakes
    Leather chair Have

    It is the Foton mini truck Gratour T3, with manual box and a minimum fuel consumption.

    Foton Gratour T3 is mini-truck with one cab, manual driving which helps low cost on fuel, additionally, you can install any type of box goods. It is very convenient to use in town or city placing safety and reducing accident and traffic. It stands out as known as, efficiency, low cost, safety, flexible and affordable.

    • It’s very useful mini-truck to help delivery in town/city more road safety and look neatly for a beautiful road city.
    • It’s very smart choice choosing Foton Gratour T3 deliver your goods/products efficiency.

    High Effecncy Power

    • Optimized intake system: Modular design of intake pipe,with engineering plastics substituting the conventional metal,effectively reducing the pipe wall resistance, enhancing theintake efficiency and increasing the engine power.
    • Volkswagen racing car-level DOHC technique, high speed and fast acceleration; 16-valve technique allowing instant power, high torque and excellent acceleration characteristics.

    Engines Independently Developed By Foton

    • Intelligent and optimize MPI technique allowing precise oil injection; variable intake PDA, reducing the fuel consumption. Compared to like products, PT engine combustion efficiency increasing by 8% and overall fuel consumption reducing by 6%
    • Excellent air filter performance prolonging the engine life; 55L tank allowing longer driving mileage; bearing type auxiliary water tank and double speed electronic fan enabling better air removal Effect.


    Freight vehicle expert

    • Professional freight vehicle, new design.
    • True short-head mini-pickup truck.
    • Strong chassis: Integratedly formed rectangular tube longeron, reinforced tube type rear axle, integrated primary and auxiliary 5-leaf spring rear suspension, and etc

    Load capacity

    • Large cargo compartment: For all the short-head mini-pickup freight vehicles, it has the maximum capacity of 2800*1560*36 mm, capacity of 1.5T ,individual design for cargo compartment and body, high strength,
    • high cargo-carrying capacity, standard cargo compartment configuration, and other practical designs which are more suitable for carrying cargos.
    • Ultra long endurance: 55L high-capacity fuel tank, never rusted, safer, maximum endurance mileage of more than 700KM.


    FOTON Gratour T3 Interior

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