Road Logistics

Foton AUMAN EST-M: Satisfy the user’s distribution

With world-class quality and a full range of logistics products, we provide customers with comprehensive solutions for urban trunk line and branch line logistics transportation products and services.
Covering a full range of logistics product lines from 2T to 120T, it can meet user distribution, special line transportation, container transportation, short- and medium-distance cities, suburban logistics and terminal distribution.
Linked with Foton Daimler, Foton Cummins, and Foton ZF super power chains to ensure high attendance and reduce TCO costs.

Foton AUMAN EST-M : Trustworthy Experts In Inter-city Freight Transport

More powerful, more economical, greater comfort, and greater security

To meet the operation needs of inter-city logistics user, Foton’s Germany R&D team deeply linked with technologies of Daimler-Benz and U.S. Cummins and partnered with world’s automotive industry leaders, including German ZF and WABCO, to jointly build the all-new platform high-efficiency medium-duty truck EST-M.This product is comprehensively improved in terms of transport efficiency, power performance, economy, comfort, reliability, safety, carrying capacity, and super structure flexibility to provide product lifecycle value guarantee for the user.