-Heavy Truck


Engine: Cummins ISB,ISD,and ISF series
Drive: Mode 4*2 and 6*2R
Gearbox: Fast Brand/ZF
Gearbox Model: ZF8095

    Specification Overview Video
    Cab type Single cab Extended cab Extended cab
    Drive system 4×2 4×2 4×2
    (mm)Vehicle dimensions 7905x2342x2700 8800x2440x2750 9800x2460x2750
    (mm) Wheelbase 4500 5150 5750
    (mm)Minimum groud clearance 230 210 210
    (kg)GCW 4180 4830 4900
    (kg)GVW 12000 16000 16000
    Fuel & Engine
    Fuel type Diesel Diesel Diesel
    Torque Nm/power 700Nm/136Kw(185HP) 800Nm/155Kw(210HP) 950Nm/180Kw(245HP)
    Emission standard EURO Ⅴ EURO  IV EURO V
    Gearboxtype DC7J80T ZF6S1000 ZF6S1000
    Tire specification 245/70R19.5 275/80R22.5 275/80R22.5
    Front suspension Parallel leaf spring
    Rear suspension Parallel leaf spring +
    telescopic shock absorbe
    Parallel leaf spring Parallel leaf spring
    Rear axle option 8T385 桥 9T416 桥 10T153 桥
    Final drive ratio 3.91 5.833 5.143
    Rear axle option 3.91(ABS)/3.91(ABS)/4.1/4.1(ABS)

    Foton AUMAN EST-M : Trustworthy Experts In Inter-city Freight Transport

    More powerful, more economical, greater comfort, and greater security

    To meet the operation needs of inter-city logistics user, Foton’s Germany R&D team deeply linked with technologies of Daimler-Benz and U.S. Cummins and partnered with world’s automotive industry leaders, including German ZF and WABCO, to jointly build the all-new platform high-efficiency medium-duty truck EST-M.This product is comprehensively improved in
    terms of transport efficiency, power performance, economy, comfort, reliability, safety, carrying capacity, and super structure flexibility to provide product lifecycle value guarantee for the user.

    ①The German R&D
    Based on more than ten years of customer application data, the Sino-German R&D team integrates the leading global truck technology and launches a brand new platform truck for the global high-end Medium duty truck market. European technology to create, high quality intelligent, new load platform, covering 10-35t, can meet the different needs of the truck customers.|

    ②New Appearance Molding
    The new model shows the style of European truck with dynamic and strong lines. The front grille has X – shaped characteristic line, full of technology, in line with the characteris-tics of AUMAN family products. Unique horizontal lamp design, with existing AUMAN products.

    ③Comprehensive Break-throughs In Performance Indicators
    EST-M strong power, greatly improve reliability and durability, NVH greatly reduced, lightweight level increased, fuel consumption significantly reduced.

    High-Performance Engine

    ● High Power:ISD6.7 has a maximum horsepower of 270 and ISF4.5 has a maximum horsepower of 210. Burst of pressure, full of power.
    ● High Torque: Extensive coverage range, ISD6.7 with maximum torque output at 970N·m,ISF4.5 with maximum torque output at 760N·m.Quick startup response and outstanding gradeability .Superior to competitors in full rpm range.

    Foton AUMAN EST-M : Fuel-saving And Economy

    ①The All-new Modeling Realizes Low Wind Drag And Saves The Fuel
    ● Improve the design of side A of the truck body, reduce the head wind resistance coefficient of the car, the overall design of the guide cover, spoiler, bumper, etc., through the precision wind resistance test, the truck fuel economy increased by more than 3%.

    ② Well-chosen Parts And Optimal Matching

    ● The ISF engine in weight of only 330KG is lighter by 30% than other engines of the same class; the optimized fuel-saving technology improves the fuel economy by 2%-5%.
    ● The multi-speed transmission is installed to improve the fuel economy by 1%.
    ● The cruise control function is installed to reduce the fuel consumption and embody the operation economy.
    ● The standard aluminum alloy fuel tank features light dead weight, high corrosion resistance, and good economy.
    ● The optional aluminum casing transmission is light in dead weight (Only 141kg).

    ③ Low Maintenance Cos

    ● Up to 20,000km maintenance-free engine.
    ● Up to 60,000km maintenance-free ZF transmission.
    ● Up to 40,000km maintenance-free rear axle.

    Foton AUMAN EST-M  Interior


    Foton AUMAN EST-M  Color System


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