Road Logistics

Foton AUMAN EST-A: From 2T-120T logistics product line

With world-class quality and a full range of logistics products, we provide customers with comprehensive solutions for urban trunk line and branch line logistics transportation products and services.
Covering a full range of logistics product lines from 2T to 120T, it can meet user distribution, special line transportation, container transportation, short- and medium-distance cities, suburban logistics and terminal distribution.
Linked with Foton Daimler, Foton Cummins, and Foton ZF super power chains to ensure high attendance and reduce TCO costs.

Auman EST, a heavy-duty tractor for high-end logistics market, is jointly developed by Foton,BFDA and Cummins based on 4-year efforts in Europe and 10 million km road test.

Foton AUMAN EST-A 6X4 Tractor-2 Foton AUMAN EST-A 6X4 Tractor

Foton AUMAN EST-A 4X2 Tractor
Foton AUMAN EST-A 6X4 cargo-1Foton AUMAN EST-A 6X4 Cargo