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Foton AUMAN EST : Container Transport Logistics

 Foton AUMAN EST : Container Transport Logistics, Super reliable, super safe, and super comfortable

Foton AUMAN EST, a heavy-duty tractor for high-end logistics market, is jointly developed by Foton,BFDA and Cummins based on 4-year efforts in Europe and 10 million km road test.
Foton Motor Group integrates the leading automotive supplier resources in the world, together with the US Cummins and German Daimler, and builds up the green, efficient, safe and intelligent logistics & transport system solutions in China by the smart truck and intelligent logistics in order to realize the 30% decrease of fuel consumption, 30% decrease of carbon emission and 70% increase of freight transport efficiency.
Auman EST Super Truck is the first generation efficient and Internet-driven super heavy truck jointly created by Foton Daimler via the advanced technology among US, Germany and China as well as the leading supply chain system.

With world-class quality and a full range of logistics products, we provide customers with comprehensive solutions for urban trunk line and branch line logistics transportation products and services.
Covering a full range of logistics product lines from 2T to 120T, it can meet user distribution, special line transportation, container transportation, short- and medium-distance cities, suburban logistics and terminal distribution.
Linked with Foton Daimler, Foton Cummins, and Foton ZF super power chains to ensure high attendance and reduce TCO costs.

Foton AUMAN EST 4×2 Red Cargo Box-1

Foton AUMAN EST 4×2 Red
Foton AUMAN EST 6×4 Blue Cargo Box-2

Foton AUMAN EST 6×4 Blue Cargo Box

Foton AUMAN EST 6×4 Silver-3Foton AUMAN EST 6×4 Silver-3