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Foton Aumark TX: A forward looking high-end medium and light truck

The Aumark TX 2.5T 4×2 TM Diesel model of the Foton brand. It is cataloged as a heavy means of transport and its class is truck. Its cylinder is 2800 and the type of fuel is diesel.

Aumark TX is equipped with a Lovol 4JB1 engine and other advanced technologies. The vehicle’s digitally controlled, common rail direct injection diesel engine is based on the BOSCH ECU module. The engine is powerful yet environmentally friendly with a great fuel economy. It was constructed with new, special materials resulting in a noticeable increase in durability. The Aumark TX is the perfect choice for customers seeking high-end technology and a reliable performance.

AUMARK TX WORLD – CLASS TRUCK FROM FOTON & CUMMINS AUMARK TX Light-duty trucks are durable and reliable due to integrated, tried-and-tested European technologies.

Foton trucks is the world’s leading and China’s largest commercial vehicle supplier. The cumulative sales volume of more than 8 million vehicles, the brand value is worth 112.578 billion RMB .
Breakthrough technology as leading for the future

As a high-end and medium light truck strategic brand under the Foton Group, Foton Aumark TX is a forward looking high-end medium and light truck developed by Foton Motor based on the “Chinese European Automotive Chain Alliance”.

The Foton Aumark TX series meets the market demand for high-end transport trucks in cities, suburbs and intercity.
The primary customers of Foton Aumark TX are low-end and rational individuals or small business enterpreneurs and secondary customers can be both rational and sensible organizational customers.

Under the premise of meeting the cost effective heavy load performance, Foton Aumark TX has comprehensively upgraded the durability, comfort, convenience and the interior design. It is also safe and easy to operate while saving energy and free from worry in high load capacity transport.

Single-row cargo-4

Foton Aumark TX 3577Foton Aumark TX 5511 Cargo-1

Foton Aumark TX 5511