-Heavy Truck

Foton AUMAN EST 4×2 Silver

Drive Style: 4×2/6×4/8×4
GVW/GCW: 40T/55T/90T
Maximum: Speed 85/95 km/h
Engine: Cummins ISG
Power range : 336-460ps

    Specification Overview Video
    Cab type High roof extended cab High roof extended cab High roof extended cab
    Drive system 4×2 6×4 6×4
    Vehicle dimensions(mm) 6055x 2490x 3495/3468 6950x 2490x 3570/3890 6950x 2490x 3570/3890
    Wheelbase(mm) 3600 3300+1350 3300+1350
    Minimum groud clearance(mm) 243 243 243
    Curb weight(kg) 8250 8800 9800
    GCW/GVW(kg) 40000 55000 90000
    Fuel & Engine
     Fuel type Diesel Diesel Diesel
    Torque Nm/power 2200Nm/316Kw(430HP) 2000Nm/294Kw(400HP) 2000Nm/315Kw(430HP)
    Emission standard EUROIV EURO III EURO III
    Gearbox model ZF16S2230TO 12JSD180T(Aluminum alloy) 12JSD180T(iron)
    Tire specification 315/80R22.5 315/80R22.5 12.00R20
    Front suspension Parallel few leaf spring+stable bar+ telescopic shock absoroe Parallel few leaf spring + stable bar+ telescopic shock absorbe Muotileaved spring + telescopic
    shock absorbe
    Rear suspension Parallel few leaf spring+ stable bar+ telescopic shock absoroe Equalizing type of suspension + parallel leaf spring Muotileaved spring + trunnion
    Rear axle 13T485 Single reduction axle 13T469 Single reduction final axle 13T Benz double reduction axle
    Final drive ratio 3.7 3.083 4.76
    Rear axle option 4.111/ 4.111(ABS) /3.7(ABS) 3.364/ 3.364(ABS)/ 4.111/ 4.111(ABS)/3.7/3.7(ABS)/ 3.083(ABS)/ 2.714/2.714(ABS) 4.76(ABS)/5.26/ 5.26(ABS)/4.20

    Foton AUMAN EST 4×2 Silver – Super reliable, super safe, and super comfortable

    Foton AUMAN EST, a heavy-duty tractor for high-end logistics market, is jointly developed by Foton,BFDA and Cummins based on 4-year efforts in Europe and 10 million km road test.
    Foton Motor Group integrates the leading automotive supplier resources in the world, together with the US Cummins and German Daimler, and builds up the green, efficient, safe and intelligent logistics & transport system solutions in China by the smart truck and intelligent logistics in order to realize the 30% decrease of fuel consumption, 30% decrease of carbon emission and 70% increase of freight transport efficiency.
    Auman EST Super Truck is the first generation efficient and Internet-driven super heavy truck jointly created by Foton Daimler via the advanced technology among US, Germany and China as well as the leading supply chain system.

    Super Smart

    Using the advanced CAN-BUS technology of Continental AG
    Realize on-line fault monitoring, diagnosis and analysis, and improve the stability and safety of complete vehicle. Based on the modularized and platform-based electronic architecture platform of CAN-BUS technology, it upgrades the emission level, matches safety-related systems (such as the ABS, ASR, engine brake, etc.) with the application .

    Intelligent brake control system
    Intelligently collaborates each brake systems according to the vehicle conditions for realizing deceleration control, brake force balance and tractor-trailer brake coordinated control, auxiliary brake control, brake comfort management and brake wear control, etc.

    Super-Fleetboard Management
    Integrated with multimedia system, recorder and other functions, and provide remote diagnosis, auto-rescue, vehicle alarm, vehicle monitoring, fuel consumption management, driving behavior analysis and other services by communicated with Internet of Vehicle (IoV) for fully implementing the intelligent management among people, vehicle and cargoes.

    i-Telligent system
    7 intelligent technologies for realizing intelligent drive assistance.

    Super Fuel-efficient

    Advanced fuel-efficient power
    Apply the super-efficient engine of advanced ISG and they will significantly decrease the fuel consumption and emission.

    Intelligent fuel-efficient drive
    Match with EBP multi-states (intelligent driving control) fuel-saving switch, and use intelligent torque control gear-shift; the standard ZF AMT transmission will make
    80% or more drivers realize diving with fuel-saving and the complete fuel consumption of 100km will decrease 4~5%.
    Complete vehicle applies Mercedes-Benz technology optimized matching, Engine with large displacement, low-speed large torque, and it will increase 2% transmission efficiency, with strong power and a wide fuel economy range.

    Modularized, platform-based and lightweight design of complete vehicle
    Application of high-powered engine compression braking technology and hydrodynamic retarder allow the complete vehicle without water tank. ZF ECAS full-bellows air
    suspension, aluminum alloy transmission, fuel tank and other lightweight materials.

    Drop resistance design
    Newly-styled body, CFD aerodynamics optimization, low drag and low rolling resistance design of complete vehicle, added drag-drop elements, such as shroud, side
    deflector and side skirt, optimized rear-view mirror and sun visor decrease the drag to 0.58, reaching a global leading level and realizing the complete fuel consumption
    of 100km dropped approx 12%.

    Foton AUMAN EST 6×4 Interior

    Foton AUMAN EST Interior

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