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Foton TOANO:Creating a brand new European series large VAN TOANO

Matching customers with multi -scene passenger car needs, while taking into account the needs of freight and special categories, providing users with multi -level passenger solutions.
Matching scene -based needs such as airports, schools, tourism, etc., products cover business reception, school bus, tourism passenger, public transportation, freight and other gradient requirements.

The product line covers large VAN and VAN categories. Many designated vehicles for major international events are the first choice for quality services.
Foton TOANO was developed in Foton automotive technology R & D center in Stuttgart, Germany, adhering to the German century legendary gene technology and refined vehicle manufacturing concept, and creating a brand new European series large VAN TOANO.

Foton TOANO inherited German quality, carried world-class Cummins power, introduced Daimler quality management system, was manufactured in smart factory with contactless, automated and zero emission, as well as created high-quality partners for users.
TOANO is a very German name and has unique European series large VAN ability, achieving variable model function, diverse space as well as passenger vehicle’s safety and comfort and business vehicle’s multifunctional utilization.

VAN is also known as a multi-purpose commercial vehicle platform consisting of enclosed van, bus, van and special modified vehicle. It is also equipped with many functions such as large passenger space, comfort of passenger car, and large carrying van.
Large VAN refers to the full-size large scale commercial vehicle, long head design, having more than 10 seats; medium VAN has flat head design, having more than 10 seats; mini VAN is defined as 7 seats commercial vehicles.

Standards of large VAN:

Super large space
Reasonable layout
Surging power
Complete safety
Super strong carrying capacity
Good fuel economy
European series large VAN “guest vehicle for state head”

–European series mid-to-high-end large VAN, multifunctional features, and omni-directional functions can be applied to city logistics and transport, and also be used for business reception and passenger commuting, but also for a large number of police explosion-proof, medical ambulance, communications command, school bus and other types of conversion purposes.
–Providing a vehicle having standard body (wheelbase) and lengthened body (wheelbase) and based on rear drive to satisfy the needs of different customers.
–European series light van market No.1 new army.

Foton TOANO Silver-3
Foton TOANO Silver

Foton TOANO Silver-5
Foton TOANO White

Foton TOANO Black