Urban Logistics

Foton TOANO Window Van: Creating a brand new European series large VAN TOANO

Match the customer’s multi-scenario passenger vehicle needs, while taking into account the freight and special needs, and provide users with multi-level passenger transport solutions.
Matching the needs of scenarios such as airports, schools, and tourism, the products cover gradient needs such as business reception, school buses, tourist passenger transport, bus commuting, and freight.
The product line covers large VAN and medium VAN categories, and it is the designated vehicle for many major international events. It is the first choice for quality service.

TOANO can be divided into 5990 Body and 5015 Body.

TOANO 5990 Body targets on mid-to-high-end market to meet the passenger and reception needs of consumer freight and public service.
TOANO 5015 Body targets on mid-to-high-end market to meet the reception needs of commercial services, down to cover commercial freight logistics low-end market.

“European series mid-to-high-end business” light vehicle

–Decent modeling design: full and powerful molding surface, dynamic and smooth style, passenger vehicle interior design.
–Dynamic performance: energetic power performance, stable and reliable, convenient maintenance.
–Driving safety: a solid and reliable vehicle structure, travelling safety and stability.
–Carrying capacity: more spacious and comfortable space, more storage room, stronger carrying capacity.

Foton TOANO-3Foton TOANO Window Van