Special Purpose

Foton Tanker: Indisputably a safety star with leading active safety standards

Foton AUMARK Tanker

The Tanker
The tanker includes refuelling truck and oil-can.

Tank Structure
Normal pressure tank,the form of a combination of square and circular,capped end is on both ends,Built-in ripple wave-proof plate,the entrance of jar is on the top( feed port ).

Transport Medium
Diesel oil、Density 0.83-0.85、Gasoline、Density 0.7-0.73.

Foton AUMARK Tanker-1

Foton Auman Est Oil Tanker

Foton rolled out a Auman EST truck for transporting dangerous chemicals. Having greatly improved its overall quality standards, the truck is ideal for the medium- and long-distance transportation of dangerous chemicals. Weighing less, the truck achieves higher safety standards, higher reliability and higher fuel economy.
Foton Auman EST Rolls out a New Version for Transporting Dangerous Chemicals

Thanks to a host of technological innovations, Auman is indisputably a safety star with leading active safety standards. Having obtained TÜV Rheinland certificate from Germany, the truck brakes more effectively. With high strength anti-collision steel, the truck will have its driver’s cockpit move backward for 200 mm when a collision occurs.

auman EST oil tanker