-Dedicated Vehicle

Foton AUMARK Tanker

Type: Oil Tank Truck
Tank Volume(m): 4/6
Material/Thickness: Q235 carbon steel/4mm
I Pump: 60YCB-30

    Specification Overview Video
    Type Oil Tank Truck
    Tank Volume(m) 4 6
    Material/Thickness Q235 carbon steel/4mm
    I Pump 60YCB-30
    Basic equipment Manhole cover;Top protection struccture  File extingusher;Staticmechnism
    Selection of equipment Fueling Gear Flowmeter

    The Tanker
    The tanker includes refuelling truck and oil-can.

    Tank Structure
    Normal pressure tank,the form of a combination of square and circular,capped end is on both ends,Built-in ripple wave-proof plate,the entrance of jar is on the top( feed port ).

    Transport Medium
    Diesel oil、Density 0.83-0.85、Gasoline、Density 0.7-0.73.

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