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Foton Water Tank Truck

Type: Water Tank Truck
Tank Volume(m): 4/5/6
Material/Thickness:Q235 carbon steel/4mm
Anticorrosion:EpoxyResin Paint

    Specification Overview Video
    Type Water Tank Truck
    Tank Volume(m) 4 5 6
    Material/Thickness Q235 carbon steel/4mm
    Anticorrosion EpoxyResin Paint
    Water Pump 65QZ-40/145N
    Working Parts fron/trear/side sprinkler  rear working platform  water cannon

    In the field of urban environmental governance and road cleaning,Foton Water Tank Truck is undoubtedly an indispensable assistant assistant. With its excellent performance and advanced configuration, it has become a tool for environmental protection.

    Powerful power system: This sprinkler vehicle is equipped with a 150 -horsepower D25TCIF1 engine in the cloud to provide strong power support for sprinkler operation. The engine emissions meet the National Sixth Standard, which effectively reduces the exhaust emissions and protects the environment.
    High -efficiency gearbox and tires: The configuration of Wanliyang 6 gearboxes enables sprinkler vehicles to perform well under different working conditions. 8.25 The choice of wire tire not only improves driving stability, but also increases abrasion resistance and adapts to various road conditions.

    Flexible size and load capacity: The vehicle size of the sprinkler is 7460mm2250mm3000mm, and the tank volume is 10 square meters. The total mass reaches 11995kg, the quality of the preparation is 5300kg, and the rated load mass is 6500kg, so that it has the ability to carry a large amount of water for sprinkler operation.
    Excellent safety configuration: In addition to functional advantages, sprinkler vehicles are also equipped with safety configurations such as air brakes, ABS, original air conditioners, electric doors and windows, and central control locks to ensure the safety of the driving process.

    Futian Motors has become an ideal choice for urban environmental protection governance in the field of environmental protection governance with its national six emission standards, the strong power of 150 horsepower in the clouds, the strong power of 150 horsepower in the cloud, and the reasonable price. Whether it is urban road cleaning or environmental greening, this sprinkler will provide excellent support for your work.

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