-Dedicated Vehicle

Foton LOXA L9 Mixer Truck Four-axle

Driving type: 6×4/8×4
Discharge remains rate (%): 0.6
Engine brand:Cummins/Weichai
Vehicle body: ETX-2490

    Specification Overview Video


    High attendance rate.
    The annual attendance rate is up to 90%.


    Higher work efficiency resulting in the saving of 50h/a.


    Overall fuel saving up to 12% or $3480/a


    Guaranteed Personal Safety Guaranteed Money Making


    Healthy Driving Fatigue Avoidance

    1/Integrated Development of EU and US Technologies
    LOXA integrated global R&D teams (China, US, and Germany) for the development of the product. Its power technology came from Cummins, its chassis technology came from Daimler, and its concrete mixer technology came from LOXA Research Institute in Germany. The vehicle is based on an integrated design and has reliable quality.

    2/Integrated Manufacture Based on EU and US Technologies

    This is a digital factory manufacturing engine, chassis, and concrete mixer products. The high-quality products came from advanced technologies of China, US, and Germany. The integrated quality ensures reliable manufacture.

    Daimler’s manufacture management system is adopted. On site there are German experts providing guidance. Each vehicle shall go through 36 inspection processes before leaving the factory. They include three validation processes in product development, three check processes in materials supply, 27 check processes in production, and three check processes in sale, with the purpose of guaranteeing good product quality.

    3/Global Golden Supply Chain Providing High-strength Wear-resistant Materials
    70% of the key assemblies and parts of the onboard pumping system are international-brand, such as the Stiebel transfer case, Rexroth hydraulic pump and valves, IFM controllers and displays, and HBC remote control.

    4/High-strength Tank Body and Vanes
    The mixing drum is completely made of high-strength steel. The tank body and vanes are made of the 520JJ high-strength wear-resistant material. The tank body has good welding quality, with the service life of three or four years or 50,000 to 60,000 cubic meters of concrete.

    5/Very Robust Bearing Frame
    The bearing frame is made of B610L high-strength alloy steel and pressed once into shape. Its width is up to 879mm or 856mm. Its three-layer side members of better bearing performance are patent.

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