-Heavy Truck

Foton AUMAN EST-A 6X4 Cargo

Platform : 6 series
Engine:410 | 440 | 460
Drive Mode: 4X2/6X4/6X2R
Transmission :ZF manual / automatic transmission
Driving cab :High top | flat top

    Specification Overview Video
    Cab type High roof extended cab High roof extended cab High roof extended cab
    Drive system 4×2 6x2R 6×4
    Vehicle dimensions(mm) 6085x2490x3800 7135x2490x3950 7135x2490x3950
    Wheelbase(mm) 3600 3300+1350 3300+1350
    Minimum groud clearance(mm) 162 230 230
    Curb weight(kg) 8040 9000 9000
    GCW(kg) 45000 65000 55000
    Fuel & Engine
    Engine model ISG12E5-440 ISG12E5-440 ISG12E5-430
    Fuel type Diesel Diesel Diesel
    Torque/power 2200Nm/331Kw(440HP) 2193Nm/331Kw(440HP) 2000Nm/316Kw(430HP)
    Emission standard Euro V Euro V Euro III
    Gearbox type ZF12TX2420TD(AMT) ZF12TX2420TD(AMT) ZF12TX2420TD (AMT)
    Tire specification 315/60 R22.5 295/80 R22.5 295/80 R22.5
    Front suspension Few leaf spring Few leaf spring Parallel few leaf spring + stable bar +
    telescopic shock absorbe
    Rear suspension Air suspension Air suspension Air suspension
    Rear axle 13T485 Single reduction axle 13T485 Single reduction axle 13T469 Single reduction axle
    Final drive ratio 2.846 2.846 3.083
     Rear axle option 2.846(ABS) 3.083(ABS) 3.364(ABS)/4.111(ABS)/3.7(ABS)

    Foton AUMAN EST A is the Automatic Version Energy Super Truck (EST). Powered by a Cummins ISG 11.8 litre straight-six turbodiesel producing 424 hp at 1,900 rpm.

    Total Comfort Enhancements
    Simplified-yet-modern exterior, advanced safety system, fuel efficient & comfortable.


    Spacious, sedan-inspired interior, double bunk sleeper cabin.
    Features 4-point air suspension cabin system.


    Optional APU kept the cab at a confortable temperature when engine is turned off.
    Powered windows, central locking system and powered sunroof.


    High composite soundproof material and design, achieving less than 60 decibels noise during idling.

    Enhanced Safety Features
    After a series of improvements and upgrades, vehicles feature both mature technology and stable and reliable performance, making it the choice for logistics operations.


    ECE R93 European Safety Standard Compliance
    Four-point full air suspension technology cabin, which move backward during impact.


    iBrake systems with maximum braking force up to 370HP to reduce braking distance.
    Downhill braking improves by 50% compares to conventional exhaust brake system.
    Larger rear window, ABS+ASR system, three point adjustable seatbelt, LED Day Running Lights.

    Cummins ISG Engine
    Cummins ISG series engines are made in the Foton Cummins factory in year 2014. ISG engines are the result of a joint cooperation between American Cummins, Foton Cummins and Foton’s third-party partners. ISG series engine comes in 11-Liter and 12-Liter versions (350 hp to 490 hp) and emissions standards can reach Euro-VI.

    –Light-weight modularized design reduces parts and simplifies maintenance
    –iBrake braking technology ensures safety
    –Innovative cooling and lubricating system reduces energy consumption, prolongs vehicle life.
    –High-pressure fuel injection system improves power, lowers fuel consumption
    –LBSC improves work efficiency
    –Accurate remote diagnostics and advanced warning system
    –Leading emission technologies for stricter emission requirements.

    AUMAN EST-A is equipped with ABS+EBD brake assist, progressive multi-focus radar system, lane departure warning system and automatic emergency braking system to improve operational safety. Its pneumatic drag coefficient is as low as 0.564, resulting in a 1% reduction in fuel consumption. In addition, the use of exclusive spoiler, front spoiler and aerodynamic side structures can reduce the fuel consumption by a further 0.5%.

    Foton AUMAN EST-A 6X4 Interior

    Foton AUMAN EST-A 6X4 Tractor-5

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