-Foton Mini Truck

FOTON Truck Mate M 2.5T Simple Cabin

Brand: Foton Truck Mate M
Platform : V1
Body width (mm) : 1600
Cabin: Single row/King row/Double row
GVW: 2.5T
Left and right hand drive: Left hand drive

    Specification Overview Video
    Product TRUCK MATE M
    Series V1
    Body width 1600
    GVW platform 2.5T
    Wheelbase /mm 3070 2650 2650
    Cargobox /mm 2800× 1560 2530× 1560 2300× 1560
    Tire model 175R14 175R14 175R14
    Rear tire Single tire Single tire Single tire
    Engine DAM15R- 1.5L DAM15R- 1.5L DAM15R- 1.5L
    Gasoline LJ469- 1.25L LJ469- 1.25L

    There are two wheelbases of Truck Mate M, meet the requirement of GVW up to 2.5T;
    It equipped with two gasoline engines, 1.5L and 1.25L displacement.

    FOTON Truck Mate M is new generation mini truck brand from Foton, including T serie and M serie, offering a variety of model types: gasoline and diesel,rear single tire and double rear tires, single cab and crew cab, normal cargobox and refrigerator box etc. Foton Truck Mate covers a gross vehicle weight(GVW) from 2.5t to 4.5t. With large cargobox, good carrying capacity, flexible driving control and comfortable driving experience, Truck Mate can fully meet all demands for different scenarios.

    Overview of Truck Mate M

    I. Nice-looking and comfortable

    . Fashion styling
    . Wide spacious
    . Driving comfort

    II. Superior load capacity

    . Excellent powertrain
    . Professional cargo box design
    . Strong chassis

    III.Energy-saving and efficient

    . Streamline modeling
    . Lightweight design
    . Efficient transmission

    IV. Safe and reliable

    . High safety
    . Exquisite process
    . Good reliability

    Truck Mate M Interior

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