-Light Truck

Foton AUMARK S3 B17

Brand: Foton AUMARK S
GVW: 3.5/4.5/6/7.5/9.0/12/14T
Body: 1730/1880/2060
Brake: Hydraulic/Air
Wheel Base: 2490-5200
Cabin Type: Single/Double/Half row
Engine: ISF2.8/ISF3.8

    Specification Overview Video

    With the Cummins-powered Aumark S, Foton have re-defined what a light-duty truck should be. Starting with a clean sheet of paper, Foton set out to raise the benchmark for light-duty trucks. No other light-duty truck can provide Cummins’ power, serviceability, reliability and durability. No other light-duty truck can provide the safety and security of a full air brake system (including an air parking brake) and a 24 Volt electrical system, features that are usually the domain of much more expensive heavy-duty trucks.

    The Aumark S was tested to the max: durability testing, reliability testing, handling and stability testing on ice and snow, cold weather testing (-27.5°C), high altitude testing (4700m) along with hot weather testing (47°C). The Cummins powered Foton Aumark S, re-defines what a light-duty truck should be.

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