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Foton AUMARK S3 1016 Chassis

Brand: Foton AUMARK S
GVW: 3.5/4.5/6/7.5/9.0/12/14T
Body: 1730/1880/2060
Brake: Hydraulic/Air
Wheel Base: 2490-5200
Cabin Type: Single/Double/Half row
Engine: ISF2.8/ISF3.8

    Specification Overview Video

    With the Cummins-powered Aumark S, Foton have re-defined what a light-duty truck should be. Starting with a clean sheet of paper, Foton set out to raise the benchmark for light-duty trucks. No other light-duty truck can provide Cummins’ power, serviceability, reliability and durability. No other light-duty truck can provide the safety and security of a full air brake system (including an air parking brake) and a 24 Volt electrical system, features that are usually the domain of much more expensive heavy-duty trucks.

    The Aumark S was tested to the max: durability testing, reliability testing, handling and stability testing on ice and snow, cold weather testing (-27.5⁰C), high altitude testing (4700m) along with hot weather testing (47⁰C). The Cummins powered Foton Aumark S, re-defines what a light-duty truck should be.

    The all-new Foton Aumark S series also boasts updated chassis design that is built with high strength steel, two-piece driveshaft and leaf springs which are more stable and more load-bearing.

    Built based on the European standards for vehicle body structure, the cab is stamped and formed, where more than 80% of the cab is welded with high precision by double-sided galvanized sheet for high strength against frontal impact and top crushing. The cab doors and frames have hinge reinforcement plate and high-strength tensile for maximum protection against side impacts.

    “Angka-Tan Motor will be offering two models of the Aumark S, which are BJ1078 7.5T and BJ1088 7.5T and 9T vehicles. Both models offer improved intelligence with multi-function display for easy operation and handling, ergonomically designed and spacious cab space for extra comfort, and easy refit to suit various logistical needs,” said Danny Ng.

    “Whether it is for customers who are logistics experts demanding intelligent high-efficiency arrival or cold chain experts requiring on-time arrival or urban delivery experts looking for agility and smooth arrival, the all-new Foton Aumark S series is the ultimate light-duty super truck for business safety, efficiency and productivity,” he added.

    “We are confident that the arrival of this light-duty super truck will help to lay a more solid foundation for Angka-Tan Motor’s and Foton’s cooperation as well as our brand expansion in Malaysia,” added Tan.

    Foton AUMARK S3 Chassis Interior

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