-Light Truck

Foton AUMARK S3 85 Chassis

    Specification Overview Video

    Foton Aumark line is ideal for work in the city or for road days, its powerful Cummins engine, its latest generation ZF transmission and its wisdom versatility, make it an excellent solution for the needs of your business.

    Super focused on light range. Expert in distribution and logistics, I can transport up to 3.5 tons in dry box, refrigerated and more applications.

    Foton’s lines comes from the word super, includes medium and high rank trucks. The vehicles of this range transport from 3.5 to 20.5 tons, their wisdom versatility causes them to adapt to all types of businesses.

    With various elements that guarantee the safety of the operator, the load and the vehicle.
    In Foton we adapt the best of technology to the Mexican market, having as a result greater power, more savings and efficiency on each path traveled.

    The Foton Aumark S is also equipped with electric adjustable headlight which has a low beam for the lens structure, with luminous intensity of the single high beam at 50,000 candela or 25 times more that the brightness of daytime sunlight.

    The smallest of the S – Super line. Focused to Light range, distribution and logistics expert,I can transport up to 3.5 tons in box Dry, refrigerated and more applications.

    Foton AUMARK S Chassis Interior

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