-Refrigerated Truck

Foton Aumark S Refrigerated Truck

Brand: Foton AUMARK S
Body: 1880/2060
Wheel Base: 3360-4200
Cabin Type: Single/Double/Half row

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    GVW 6T 8.5T 10T
    Body/mm 1880 2060 2060
    Cargo box/mm 4200x (1950-2100) 4200x (2100-2300) 5600x (2100-2300)
    Wheel base/mm 3360 3360 4200
    Engine Type ISF2.8 ISF3.8 ISF3.8
    Displacement/L 2.8 3.8 3.8
    Power/hp 148 154 154
    Torque/N·m 360 500 500
    Gearbox ZF5S400 ZF6S500 ZF6S500
    Front Axle/T 2.4 2.85 3.6
    Rear Axle/T 4.5 6 6.5
    Brake Hydraulic brake Air brake Air brake
    Tyre 7.00R16 206/75R16 750R16 215/75R17.5 8.25R16 235/75R17.5

    The all-new Foton Aumark S series of light-duty trucks were developed under the Foton Super Truck program, and is one of the culminations of Foton’s collaboration with members of the “Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance”. The alliance was established with world leading truck technology players including Cummins, ZF Friedrichshafen (ZF), Continental Automotive Electronics, WABCO, Bosch and more.

    Super refrigeration and insulation

    Select international brand quality equipment efficient refrigerationsuper insulation, provide reliable and constant refrigeration space.

    Super stable and reliable

    New platform, super chassisreliable and stable.
    Through extreme environment and a total of 1.6 million km of rigorous teststhe company provides stable and reliable escort for the products beyond expectations.

    Corrosion resistance

    For the high wet and high corrosion working environ-ment of cold chain transportationcomprehensively strengthen the corrosion resistance ability of chassis, at the same time adopt the high anticorrosive bottom plate protection plate,bid farewell to rust.

    Special power

    According to the installation and power demand of refrigerated compressor/cooling machinethe engine and motor are developed to ensure strong power output and reliable operation of refrigeration equipment.

    Foton Aumark S Interior


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