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FOTON Auman GTL 6X4 Dump Truck Red

Engine: WP10.336E55, 336HP,Euro V
Box dimension: 5800X2300X1100mm
Product description: FOTON Auman GTL 6X4 dump truck

    Specification Overview Video
    Model BJ3259DLPKE-XD
    Drive type 6X4
    Wheel base(mm) 4100+1350
    Overall dimension(mm) 8600X2495X3580
    Curb weight(Kg) 12280
    Load capacity(Kg) 30000
    Cabin Flat roof,one and half rows,luxury configuration,2 passengers allowable,with single bunker,A/C
    Engine Model WP10.336E55
    Max.output (kw/HP) 247/336
    Max.torque (N•m) 1550@1200-1500RPM
    Displacement (ml) 9726
    Emission standard Euro V
    Description In-line, 6 cylinders,water cooled,4 strokes,turbo charged,inter-cooled,electric control,high pressure ,common rail diesel engine.
    Gear box 12JSD200T,manual,12 forward &2 reverse gears
    Driving axle Load capacity 18000Kg
    Front axle Steering axle,load capacity 7000Kg
    Quantity of leaf spring 10/12
    Inner trimming
    Standard configuration Air suspension seat
    Seat heater
    Lumbar support to the driver
    Adjustable steering wheel
    Electrical system
    Standard configuration CAN bus intellectual electronic control system
    New battery box
    Start/stop device under the vehicle


    Three points safety belt
    Automatic clearance adjustment arm,tachometer
    Service brake Dual circuit compressed air brake
    Parking brake Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
    ABS Provided
    Comfortable accessories
    Cab four points full floating suspension Front and rear coil spring
    Standard configuration Cab anti-rolling stabilizing device
    Hand accelerator
    Electric window Provided
    Standard configuration Big tool box
    Reinforced rim (with HQ mark)
    Three in one lock (Ignition switch, door and fuel tank)
    Type specification 12.00R20 16PR
    Number of tyres 10+1
    Max.vehicle speed(km/h) 80
    Box dimension(mm) 5800X2300X1100

    FOTON Auman GTL Dump Truck, upgrade and evolve. Based on customer needs and relying on forward -looking thinking and technological innovation, Oman GTL heavy cards, fuel -saving, reliable, safe, and comfortable upgraded and evolved.

    The new generation of fuel -saving motivation

    ● Upgrade the high -efficiency turbocharger, the intake efficiency increases by 30%, and the combustion is more sufficient;
    ● The industry’s optimal electric silicon oil high -speed fan blades, high temperature work does not open, the combustion efficiency is higher;
    ● Module, lightweight design, lowering 200kg, lower fuel consumption;
    ● Application of advanced LKZ oil piston, decreased friction by 15%, and can reduce at most 50%of the oil consumption.

    Super power chain one -chain oil -saving

    ● China Automobile Research Authority Evaluation, transmission efficiency 99.7%of the industry first in the industry;
    ● Based on Oman’s entire vehicle, 103 industrial conditions+253 scenes are customized and matched;
    ● The bottom -layer data of the entire vehicle & power chain is open and shared, all application software integrated coordinated control, 70%ultra -wide economic fuel consumption speed range.

    5 million users around the world choose together

    In the 15th year of Cummins in the world, there are 5 million units in the world;
    In China, Fukang and Ouman have completed 23,000 hours, 16 million kilometers of integration, three high -level limits of work conditions.

    The engine strength is comprehensively improved, and it is more reliable

    ● Optimization of cylinder structure mechanics structure, through 10 million and 1.5 times working pressure test design; 250,000 simulated cylinder impact test.
    ● All upgrade flash -plated technology steel piston, higher compression ratio, more resistant to high temperature, increased wear resistance by 30%.
    ● Upgrade the dual -cylinder air compressor, increase the amount of anesthesia by 78%, fast thermal speed and efficiency, extend the service life.
    ● Use Crutonite low nickel alloy exhaust valve to improve heat fatigue strength.

    The only foreseeable service in the intelligent power management industry

    ● Intelligent emissions and thermal management control.
    ● Intelligent vehicle control system.
    ● Foreseeable service.

    FOTON Auman GTL Dump Truck Interior

    FOTON Auman GTL Dump Truck Interior

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