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FOTON Auman GTL 8X4 Dump Truck Green

Cab body type: GTL flat roof&standard floor
Drive style : 8×4
Maximum GVW/GCW(kg): 65000
Curb weight(kg):15500
Engine:Cummins X12EVID470

    Specification Overview Video
    Cab body type GTL flat roof&standard floor
    Drive style 8×4
    Dimension Overall dimensions (L×W×H,mm) 9460×2550×3650
    Inner cargo (L×W×H,mm) 6500×2300×1630
    Wheelbase(mm) 2100+2750+1400
    Mass Maximum GVW/GCW(kg) 65000
    Curb weight(kg) 15500
    Payload/Seats 49370kg/2
    Power system Engine Engine model Cummins X12EVID470
    Emission EURO VI
    Displacement(L) 11.8
    Power(ps) 470
    Max Torque(N.m/rpm) 2300/1000-1400
    Transmission 12TX2421TD,PTO + retarder
    Chassis system Rear axle(Ton/ratio) 16t/4.76
    Frame(mm) 225/320×80×(8+7)
    Suspension Front: 10 leaf springs, Rear: 12 leaf springs
    Tyre Model 385/65R22.5+315/80R22.5
    Other configurations & performance Minimum ground clearance(mm) 310
    Maximum speed(km/h) 74
    Maximum gradability(%) 37
    Dump truck specification Material :NM450,bottom thickness 10mm,side thickness 8mm;

    Front lift, HYVA 157 cylinder.

    Product features 1.The most reliable dump truck: the whole body is made of 1mm, 610L high-strength steel, meeting the highest European standard of ECE-R93, the only cab with damping collision setback technology, life guarding, Fokon iBrake 3.0 engine in-cylinder braking, braking power 400 hp, no need to add a drenching tank, reducing fuel consumption, saving brake pads and tyres;
    2.Higher passability;
    3.The most fuel-efficient heavy truck: synchronised with Europe’s leading fourth-generation AMT technology, transmission efficiency 99.7% ,first in the industry, lower fuel consumption, easy start, joint engine optimal torque; automatic calculation of vehicle weight and road slope; can easily drive on slopes or complex road conditions in mountainous areas/mining pits; reduce the risk of skidding; easy to drive for both new and experienced drivers.

    FOTON Auman GTL 8X4 Dump Truck, upgrade and evolve. Based on customer needs and relying on forward -looking thinking and technological innovation, Oman GTL heavy cards, fuel -saving, reliable, safe, and comfortable upgraded and evolved.

    Foton Auman GTL Dump Truck Overview

    These vehicles are designed to deliver capable performance and reliability as well as great fuel economy. The GTL line can be had as either a dump truck or as a transit mixer. As for its drivetrain configuration, the GTL can be had as either an 8×4 or as a 6×4 depending on the variant chosen.

    The heavy-duty truck comes in an 8×4 layout and comes with a standard cab. It measures 10,418 mm in length, 2,490 mm in width, and 3,400mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 1,800 mm + 3,950 mm + 1,350 mm and comes with a dumper body capacity of 30 CBM. it also comes with a gross vehicle weight of 80,000 kg and a payload capacity of 60,000 kg.

    The dump truck body is ideal for those who are in the construction industry or for those who need to transport gravel or sand. Aside from the dumper body, the truck can also be equipped with other rear body configurations such as a transit mixer, a cargo body, and can even be had as just a tractor head.

    Powering the truck is an 11.8-liter turbo-diesel engine that produces 400 hp and 2,100 Nm of torque. It shifts via a 12-speed manual transmission with a high and low gear switch splitter. The truck rides on a longitudinal leaf spring suspension with dual-acting telescopic shock absorbers with stabilizers at the front and inverted longitudinal leaf spring balance shaft suspension with stabilizers at the back. Stopping the massive truck comes from a dual circuit pneumatic brake system.

    The new generation of fuel -saving motivation

    ● Upgrade the high -efficiency turbocharger, the intake efficiency increases by 30%, and the combustion is more sufficient;
    ● The industry’s optimal electric silicon oil high -speed fan blades, high temperature work does not open, the combustion efficiency is higher;
    ● Module, lightweight design, lowering 200kg, lower fuel consumption;
    ● Application of advanced LKZ oil piston, decreased friction by 15%, and can reduce at most 50%of the oil consumption.

    Super power chain one -chain oil -saving

    ● China Automobile Research Authority Evaluation, transmission efficiency 99.7%of the industry first in the industry;
    ● Based on Oman’s entire vehicle, 103 industrial conditions+253 scenes are customized and matched;
    ● The bottom -layer data of the entire vehicle & power chain is open and shared, all application software integrated coordinated control, 70%ultra -wide economic fuel consumption speed range.

    5 million users around the world choose together

    In the 15th year of Cummins in the world, there are 5 million units in the world;
    In China, Fukang and Ouman have completed 23,000 hours, 16 million kilometers of integration, three high -level limits of work conditions.

    The engine strength is comprehensively improved, and it is more reliable

    ● Optimization of cylinder structure mechanics structure, through 10 million and 1.5 times working pressure test design; 250,000 simulated cylinder impact test.
    ● All upgrade flash -plated technology steel piston, higher compression ratio, more resistant to high temperature, increased wear resistance by 30%.
    ● Upgrade the dual -cylinder air compressor, increase the amount of anesthesia by 78%, fast thermal speed and efficiency, extend the service life.
    ● Use Crutonite low nickel alloy exhaust valve to improve heat fatigue strength.

    The only foreseeable service in the intelligent power management industry

    ● Intelligent emissions and thermal management control.
    ● Intelligent vehicle control system.
    ● Foreseeable service.

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