-Heavy Truck


Drive Style: 6*4 8*4
GVW/GCW: 55T/80T
Maximum: Speed 85/95 km/h
Engine: Cummins ISG
Power range : 336-460ps

    Specification Overview Video
    Cab type High roof extended cab High roof extended cab High roof extended cab
    Drive system 4×2 6×4 6×4
    Vehicle dimensions(mm) 6055x 2490x 3495/3468 6950x 2490x 3570/3890 6950x 2490x 3570/3890
    Wheelbase(mm) 3600 3300+1350 3300+1350
    Minimum groud clearance(mm) 243 243 243
    Curb weight(kg) 8250 8800 9800
    GCW/GVW(kg) 40000 55000 90000
    Fuel & Engine
     Fuel type Diesel Diesel Diesel
    Torque Nm/power 2200Nm/316Kw(430HP) 2000Nm/294Kw(400HP) 2000Nm/315Kw(430HP)
    Emission standard EUROIV EURO III EURO III
    Gearbox model ZF16S2230TO 12JSD180T(Aluminum alloy) 12JSD180T(iron)
    Tire specification 315/80R22.5 315/80R22.5 12.00R20
    Front suspension Parallel few leaf spring+stable bar+ telescopic shock absoroe Parallel few leaf spring + stable bar+ telescopic shock absorbe Muotileaved spring + telescopic
    shock absorbe
    Rear suspension Parallel few leaf spring+ stable bar+ telescopic shock absoroe Equalizing type of suspension + parallel leaf spring Muotileaved spring + trunnion
    Rear axle 13T485 Single reduction axle 13T469 Single reduction final axle 13T Benz double reduction axle
    Final drive ratio 3.7 3.083 4.76
    Rear axle option 4.111/ 4.111(ABS) /3.7(ABS) 3.364/ 3.364(ABS)/ 4.111/ 4.111(ABS)/3.7/3.7(ABS)/ 3.083(ABS)/ 2.714/2.714(ABS) 4.76(ABS)/5.26/ 5.26(ABS)/4.20

    Foton AUMAN EST dump truck
    It’s a high-end heavy-duty truck manufactured by Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd.

    The vehicle body adopts European design style, featuring elegant and beautiful shape, and the latest technologies are applied to remarkably reduce the wind drag efficiency and lower the fuel consumption. The vehicle body features large space and the wide sleeper and four-point full-floating structure bring about all-new comfortable experience. Among all EST dump trucks, the performances of vehicle chassis, cargo compartment, and hydraulic piston are far superior to other like products.

    Low fuel consumption

    1.Cummins ISG engine
    The manufacturing of Cummins ISG series engine was started in Foton Cummins plant since 2014. ISG engine is the joint cooperation result of US Cummins, Foton Cummins, and Foton. This engine offers 11L and 12L version (340ps~460ps) and conforms to Euro-V emission regulation.
    2.12-speed Fast transmission

    High Quality

    Lean manufacturing
    Daimler Benz lean manufacturing processes .Vehicle manufacturing in sync with the world .
    China’s first heavy-duty truck model plant of world’s leading manufacturing level, with the yearly production capacity at 200,000 vehicles.
    Up to 60% main line intelligence level realizes more reasonable logistics, highest efficiency, and excellent digital management and can manufacture one heavy-duty truck within 4min.
    The Daimler’s global leading quality management system is introduced to guarantee the product quality with 36 quality gates.

    High loading capacity framework
    Framework made of high-strength single-mold steel alloy

    16T double reduction rear axle
    On the basis of the original structure of the axle body intermediate differential housing, the radius at the installation positions of bearings is enlarged from R1.6 to R2.2 to reduce the malfunction rate and remarkably improve the reliability of the axle.
    The chassis is optimized by 16T Benz technology to increase the drive efficiency by 5% than traditional heavy-duty trucks and save the fuel by 5~8%/100km.

    Reinforced crossbeam
    Dump truck exclusive reinforced crossbeam
    The crossbeam width is increased from original 150mm to 206mm to prevent the breakage of balance shaft crossbeam and looseness of bolts and realize higher reliability and durability.
    The number of connecting holes on the top of balance shaft support is increased from 4 pieces to 6 pieces and the connecting bolts are changed from M16 to M18.

    High effective loading capacity suspension
    The suspension is reinforced by angular support plates to reduce the bending of framework and the double U-bolts can support higher load.
    The material, thickness, and manufacturing process are improved for the leaf springs. The 50CrVA→51CrV4 premium springs and the shot blasting treatment are used for the leaf springs to improve the strength, ductility, and fatigue and life of the parts.
    The leas springs for front and rear suspensions adopt 9-plate and 12-plate multi-leaf springs and the 13/14-plate and 12-plate multi-leaf springs remarkably improve the loading capacity.

    Large hydraulic cylinders
    EST dump truck is equipped with powerful large-diameter 180~200mm hydraulic cylinder. Based on the specific application, the hydraulic cylinder can be installed on the front or the bottom.
    The lifting mode is divided to forward-lifting mode and middle-lifting mode.
    European standard supply

    The global excellent supply chain, the well-chosen EU certified E-Mark parts, and the critical parts are shared with European heavy-duty truck brands to realize first-class supply and top-grade match.

    E-Mark means the conformity certificate issued by European Economic Community to a gasoline engine product or its safety part product qualifying the requirements of EEC Directives and ECE Regulation in terms of noise and exhaust emission, in order to guarantee the driving safety and environment protection.

    U-shaped cargo compartment
    The cargo compartment is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel to prolong the life by 3~5 years.
    The cargo bed is 8~6 ft. for standard wheelbase model and the optional configurate is 110 ft. to remarkably promote the unloading efficiency.

    Foton AUMAN EST dump truck Color

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