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Foton AUMAN Galaxy 6X4 Tractor

Model :Foton Auman Galaxy Tractor
Engine Displacement(L) : 12.9L
Emission Level :Euro 6
Engine Max Torque(N.m) :2600N.m/950-1500rm
Engine Model :Foton Cummins X13

    Specification Overview Video

    Foton AUMAN Galaxy 6X4 Tractor

    “With its futuristic appearance, colour-matching design that goes beyond conventional concept and complete and detailed interior function configuration, Foton Daimler Auman Galaxy has realised the perfect balance between design aesthetics and practicability,” reads the official press release.

    Foton AUMAN Galaxy truck’s exterior. It’s something really special; this truck looks as though it was designed in the next decade!with its unique futuristic appearance, the Foton Daimler Auman Galaxy has realised the perfect balance between design aesthetics and practicality. The rigid and flexible streamlined body, galaxy matrix LED digital headlamps and electrically adjustable air deflectors that can reduce wind resistance.

    It have the 12.3 and 10 inch dual LCD screens. “In addition, the accessible controls, wireless charger, and reasonable storage space, coupled with partitioned independent automatic air-conditioner, Grammar 115 (the first premium driver’s seat with air suspension), leaf springs up front and ZF rear air suspension design set the benchmark in China in terms of driving comfort, handling and ride comfort,”

    Guaranteed: a good night’s sleep

    A feature worth highlighting is the ultra-wide comfortable sleeper. Drivers are going to love this vehicle and they will adore the fact that the sleeper is the widest in the industry.

    Foton AUMAN Galaxy truck have the Cummins A13 national VI-580 PS diesel engine, ZF 12-gear AMT automatic transmission and integrated retarder. Coupled with China’s first A·OS heavy truck intelligent operating system, it delivers optimal power and high shift efficiency, resulting in low fuel consumption and emissions.

    The Foton AUMAN Galaxy truck lacks for nothing when it comes to safety and security. The designers and engineers have done an outstanding job in this regard.

    So, there you have it: a truck that looks good inside and out, has a great engine and transmission, boasts loads of safety features and offers oodles of comfort. It’s not hard to see why it won.

    Foton AUMAN Galaxy 6X4 Tractor-Interior

    Foton AUMAN Galaxy 6X4 Tractor-Interior

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