-Heavy Truck


Drive Style :6×4
Platform :GTL
Wheelbase(mm) :3300 + 1350
GCW(T) :90
Engine Model:ISGe3-430

    Specification Overview Video
    Basic Information Function Tractor head
    Drive Style 6×4
    Platform GTL
    Wheelbase(mm) 3300 + 1350
    GCW(T) 90
    Cabin Cabin Type Flat roof. all welded steel cab.4-points spring suspension cab.manual hvdraulic cab tilting.Pneumatic seat
    electric rear-view mirrors and windows,electric heated rearview mirrorcentral locking,MP3+Radio+USB.
    Carrying Number 2 seats + 1 bunk
    Engine Engine Model ISGe3-430
    Engine Type Inline six-cylinder, four-stroke, water cooled, turbocharged, intercooled,direct injection, common rail diesel engine
    Displacement(cc) 11,800
    Max Power (kw/ps/rpm) 316/430/1900
    Max Torque(Nm/rpm) 2000/1000-1400
    Emission Euro !!!
    Clutch Plate Diameter(mm) Ф430
    Operating System Automatic electric control
    Gearbox Gearbox Model 12TX2420TD
    Gearbox Type AMT (Automated Mechanical Transmission)
    Numbers of Gears 12 Forward and 2 Reverse


    Brake Service Brake Dual circuits pneumatic brake
    Parking Brake Energy-accumulating spring air cut-off brake
    Auxiliary Brake Engine brake
    Front Axle Capacity(kg) 9000
    Rear Axle Type Double reduction(central reduction and hub reduction),tandem axle with differential locks between wheels and axles
    Capacity(kg) 2x 16000
    Tyre Tyre Size 315/80R22.5 Optional:13R22.5
    Fuel Tank Capacity 700L
    Other Configuration ABS+ASR






    ADR Optional

    Foton Auman GTL  AMT Automatic Transmission Tractor

    Foton Auman AMT models are the most popular and successful in the Chinese market and its official launch is another historical milestone in the Ghanaian Automobile Industry by Japan Motors.

    The GTL truck is born out of a great partnership between Foton Motor Group, Cummins Incorporation, USA and ZF Group in Germany, to offer a total transportation solution to stakeholders within the transport and haulage sector.

    Average service interval of GTL is 15,000 km, giving the truck a competitive edge and a low cost of ownership.

    The Foton Auman GTL AMT is powered by Cummins ISGe3-430 11.8L Turbo-Charging Diesel Engine, Generates a Maximum Torque of 2000Nm with 430 Horse Power, has 132mm Engine Cylinder Diameter with Euro III Emission Standard, 6×4 Drive with the world’s latest generation ZF AMT gearbox and Gross Combination Weight (GCW):90,000KG. The GTL AMT is positioned on 5 thematic concepts which are: Super Power, Super safety, super reliable, easy maintenance and Economical to own (The Money Master).

    For express e-commerce vehicles that have been under high-intensity operation for a long time, it is common for people to park without stopping. Under such a high-load state, the reliability of the engine is extremely important. This Auman GTL is equipped with a Fukang A12 engine with a maximum output of 470 horsepower and a peak torque of 2300 Nm in the 1000-1400 rpm range.

    From the perspective of power parameters, 470 horsepower is very suitable for express standard transportation. It is just right for 4×2 tractors, and it is also conducive to fuel economy. The reliability and durability of Fukang engines are also well-known in the industry. More tolerant to various working conditions.

    The gearbox part is matched with a ZF Chuansheng 12-speed AMT gearbox. The shifting mechanism adopts an integrated design, which has a higher integration rate and a lower failure rate. The Fukang and ZF AMT power chain must be familiar to everyone. It is very mature in the market. After integrated matching, it has been well compatible in performance, fuel consumption, ride comfort and other aspects. For the high-efficiency and high-attendance transportation scene of express e-commerce, this set of power is an ideal choice.

    The chassis of the car looks particularly short, with 295/60R22.5 tires. We also compared another Auman GTL chassis with 12R22.5 tires next to it, and the entire chassis height will be significantly different. In addition, this car also has an airbag rear axle, which can adjust the height of the airbag through an electronic control system, which can further lower the chassis. The chassis height is relatively lower, the height of the cargo bed can be made higher, and the volume is relatively more advantageous.

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