Together win future: foton held global partner conference at beijing china


April 11th to 14th, FOTON Global Partners Conference 2023 with the theme “TOGETHER WIN FUTURE” was held in Beijing, China. More than 66 core distributors from 55 countries around the world attended the event, which aimed to unite global strategic development directions and share the achievements of globalization.

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On the 12th, FOTON MEGA SHOW was grandly opened, with more than 100 commercial vehicle categories covering medium and heavy duty trucks, light trucks, pickups, VANs, mini trucks and buses combination into a “W” type vehicle array, covering fuel, hybrid, pure electricity, hydrogen fuel four technology routes, with the theme of the conference WIN echoed, implies FOTON and global partners “win-win” development. In fact, FOTON has established a leading position in the global “SuperPowerTrain” core power chain with Foton Cummins, Foton ZF, CATL and etc., to enable fuel and new energy product upgrades. FOTON has achieved comprehensive breakthroughs and leadership in core business in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and other regions. In Colombia, FOTON has been ranked second in truck sales for three consecutive years and holds the market share in AMT heavy-duty trucks. In the Philippines, FOTON’s 7.5-ton light-duty truck model has been the best-selling for three consecutive years.

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On the 13th, FOTON held the delivery ceremony of all-new pickup TUNLAND V to Mexico, which is also FOTON’s 11 millionth vehicle. FOTON TUNLAND V is a high-performance pickup with hybrid power, which indicates that it is unveiled globally for the first time. TUNLAND V combines FOTON’s numerous technical achievements, with a front double-wishbone and rear multi-link suspension structure that meets the demands of strong off-road capabilities and high load-bearing capacity while maintaining luxurious driving comfort. Additionally, to meet different powertrain requirements of global customers, TUNLAND V will also be equipped with FOTON’s DHT Hybrid Power System, pure electric and extended-range electric systems.

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As the first to reach 10 million global sales in 2021 in the shortest time, only 25 years, FOTON is empowering its full range of commercial vehicle products with its “ICE+BEV” dual-line independent research and development technology. Under the global economic downturn in the past two years, FOTON has achieved a global growth of 1 million commercial vehicles, including overseas export sales of more than 87,000 vehicles in 2022, and has been the No. 1 Chinese commercial vehicle exporter for 12 consecutive years. FOTON “ICE+BEV” dual-line strategy has begun to show results.

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FOTON has achieved comprehensive development in both new energy and fuel applications in commercial vehicles, and is now making its way into the world. With routes of pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell technologies, FOTON’s commercial vehicle product line covers all ranges and meets international technical requirements with customized solutions. Its new energy products including pure electric light trucks, VANS, and buses, have passed the WVTA EU certification, and are currently expanding into European countries such as Italy, Poland, and Spain, marking the beginning of a new era of “independent + cooperative” strategic operations with a focus on new energy in Europe. In Asia-Pacific and South America. FOTON had delivered over 1,400 pure electric buses in Latin America, becoming the brand with the highest market share of electric buses in the region. In markets such as Malta, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, and Egypt, FOTON’s electric and hydrogen fuel cell buses and trucks have been delivered to international industry customers.

FOTON’s overseas IOV system was officially launched, providing functions of fleet management, location services, fuel consumption analysis, three-electricity analysis and TCO management for both fuel new energy products. The system will be first applied in Singapore, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand. With over 2.26 million connected vehicles, FOTON will empower global users business value.

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By accelerating the development cycle of customized products through “platform + modular” strategies, driving the international commercial vehicle business development with a “ICE+BEV” dual-line strategy, and empowering product power with intelligence, FOTON is showcasing its core competitiveness in technology. The company aims to provide comprehensive solutions to customers’ TCO operations by achieving high efficiency, fuel savings, lightweight design, and electrification. FOTON also works with global partners in a collaborative and mutually beneficial manner to drive the growth of global user value.

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