FOTON Announced the First High-Performance pickup TUNLAND V


April 11th to 14th, Foton Global Partners Conference 2023 with the theme “TOGETHER WIN FUTURE” was held in Beijing, China. More than 66 core distributors from 55 countries around the world attended the event, which aimed to unite global strategic development directions and share the achievements of globalization. On the 13th, FOTON held the delivery ceremony of all-new pickup TUNLAND V to Mexico, which is also FOTON’s 11 millionth vehicle. FOTON TUNLAND V is a high-performance pickup with hybrid power, which indicates that it is unveiled globally for the first time.


FOTON TUNLAND V combines FOTON’s numerous technical achievements, with a front double-wishbone and rear multi-link suspension structure that meets the demands of strong off-road capabilities and high load-bearing capacity while maintaining luxurious driving comfort. As FOTON’s first product to feature a hybrid power system, the TUNLAND V has a power peak torque of up to 450 N·m. It achieves a 10% reduction in fuel consumption through Auto Start-Stop, energy recovery systems, and an ultra-high-pressure combustion system, with a maximum thermal efficiency of 50%. Additionally, to meet different powertrain requirements of global customers, TUNLAND V will also be equipped with FOTON’s DHT Hybrid Power System, pure electric and extended-range electric systems, with a maximum battery capacity of 100 KWh and a total driving range of up to 900 km, achieving high performance, multiple powertrain options, long endurance, and high torque.


In terms of intelligence, FOTON TUNLAND V is equipped with intelligent auxiliary driving devices such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Braking, and Lane Keeping Assist System and etc., achieving L2.5 autonomous driving. In terms of comfort and safety, it features a 14.6-inch intelligent display, intelligent voice interaction system, and ambient light intelligent linkage, providing full-scenario intelligent in-car services and an immersive experience. The overall NVH performance has been improved by 15%, and the main and co-pilot positions are equipped with six airbags. Both active and passive safety have been comprehensively upgraded to provide users with all-round protection.


In recent years, FOTON has frequently made moves in the pickup truck business, with the TUNLAND G7 global launch in 2021, followed by the TUNLAND G9 global launch in 2022, and now the Tunland V, keeping pace with market demand changes by launching one model per year. This demonstrates FOTON’s technological reserves and keen market insight, leading the trend in the international market. The new TUNLAND V pickup truck will be firstly launched globally in markets such as Chile, Peru, and Ecuador in 2024.

FOTON has shifted its focus from defining application scenarios with vehicles to building a full-scenario intelligent vehicle ecosystem. With multiple technology routes such as fuel, hybrid, and new energy, the company has transformed and upgraded towards intelligence, high-end, and youthfulness in the commercial vehicle industry. The global release of  TUNLAND V once again demonstrates FOTON’s “software” and “hardware” strengths to enhance the product power of the entire commercial vehicle series, which will undoubtedly drive the FOTON brand to new heights, bring more surprises to the pickup truck field, and lead the development of intelligent pickup trucks.