The net profit increased by 1298%year -on -year, and the sales volume won the championship again. Foton Truck achieved leapfrog development with bright results


On January 23, 2024, Futian Motor announced the announcement of the annual performance pre -increase in 2023. According to the announcement, the company is expected to achieve a net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company in 2023, about 910 million yuan, an increase of about 1298%year -on -year.

Foton Truck’s outstanding performance is the result of comprehensive efforts such as strategy, products, technology, overseas. Foton Truck’s major segmented products have coordinated with heavy cards, light cards and other models, and new energy models show a year -on -year high -speed growth trend. In 2023, Foton Truck launched a new energy 2.0 strategy to accelerate the transformation of new energy and cover the entire field of “pure electric+plug -in hybrid+fuel cell”. Foton Truck continues to consolidate the leadership of new energy commercial vehicles; Export opportunities, upgrade the international cooperation model, achieve a record high of overseas exports overseas, and the first Chinese commercial vehicle exports for 13 consecutive years. New products such as V are listed on the market, digital change and marketing ecological accelerated evolution; continuously promoting the full -value chain to reduce the efficiency, ensuring the continuous growth of the company’s main business profits. Entering 2024, the answer sheet of Foton Truck is also worth looking forward to.

Foton Truck achieved leapfrog development with bright results-1
Quantitative Qifei 2023 Foton Truck Realize Multi -domain No. 1

Data show that the cumulative sales of Foton Truck in December and 2023 were 64,800 and 631,000 units, an increase of 80%and 37.14%year -on -year. Combining the macro background of the Chinese auto market, in December 2023, the sales volume of commercial vehicles in my country was 364,000, an increase of 25.1%; the cumulative sales in 2023 were 4.031 million units, an increase of 22.1%. Futian Motors’ share in December and the cumulative sales of the whole year was 17.8%and 15.65%, respectively. It can be said that the realization of commercial vehicles in Futian Motors lead and lead the top of the real price of goods.

The performance of Foton Truck originated from the coordinated force of its various market models. Foton Truck’s sales in 2023 were about 116,700, an increase of 14.8%year -on -year; the sales volume of light trucks was as high as 452,900, an increase of 45.38%year -on -year. New energy vehicles sold more than 40,000 units, an increase of 84.04%year -on -year. Foton Truck’s various businesses show the situation of “everyone picking firewood and flames”.

Looking back at 2023, the answer sheet of Foton Truck is by no means an improvement of “quantity”, but it is also a real improvement in “quality”. The specific performance is as follows:

In May 2023, in the latest list of “Demonstration Actions of the Science Reform Demonstration” issued by the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Foton Truck became the only selected commercial vehicle enterprise. Enterprises that can be selected for the “Science and Technology Reform Action” list must have the characteristics of science and technology, talent capital and technical elements, relatively large scientific research investment, strong core product competitiveness, and good corporate growth. It shows that the development of Foton Truck is strong.

Foton Truck achieved leapfrog development with bright results-2
In December 2023, Foton Truck successfully won the first domestic commercial vehicle to have a conditional autonomous highway road test sign. According to relevant information, the conditional autonomous driving has greater technical challenges compared to auxiliary driving. The auxiliary driving system is to help the driver drive better. Complete all dynamic driving tasks. Foton Truck took the lead in winning the first domestic commercial vehicle with conditional driving test license, indicating that at the technical level, Foton Truck already has intelligent interaction, independent cruise, lane changing, obstacle avoidance, over -vehicle, cars, follow -up stations, and stations, and station stations and stations, and stations, and station stations, and station stations, and station stations, and station stations, and station stations, and station stations and station stations, and station stations and station stations and station stations. Emergency braking, accurate stopping, intersection pass, vehicle and road collaboration and other functions have comprehensively promoted the development of autonomous driving in the field of commercial vehicles.

At the 20th World Brand Conference, Foton Truck ranked 34th in the industry with a brand value of 204.278 billion yuan, and the commercial vehicle industry was the first. It is reported that this is the first in the Chinese commercial vehicle industry in Foton Truck Automobile for 19 consecutive years. In summary, Foton Truck not only achieves continuous leadership in quantity, but also leads the top spot at the development quality level to achieve the quality and quality.

Dynamic assistance+overseas layout rammed Foton Truck commercial vehicle leadership position

In the automotive industry, commercial vehicles are different from the use scenarios of passenger cars and different consumer groups. This makes commercial vehicles not be as good as passenger cars in driving comfort, but these situations do not exist on Foton Truck cars. Foton Truck  Motors believes that with the development of the logistics industry to efficient and intelligent, the proportion of young road freight practitioners has gradually increased, and they value the commercial vehicle driving experience.

As early as 2017, Foton Truck introduced the industrialization concept of automatic transmission models. This was really “unwilling” in the era when automatic transmission models were not covered in large areas. In 2019, the advent of the Oman AMT automatic transmission card marks a new trend of Foton Truck’s leading development of the industry’s automatic transmission, and its sales have soared to the present. In 2023, Fukuda announced that it has been fully introduced in the entire system of automatic transmission products. The medium and light automatic transmission models brings users a more comfortable, secure, energy -saving, reliable, and intelligent transportation value experience, and continue to lead the industry to a new journey of automatic transmission vehicles.

At the meeting, Foton Truck stated that it would continue to implement the business development concept of “green technology -driven energy revolution, digital reform deepening value creation”, and supported new energy to accelerate the development and overseas depth layout as action support. Entering 2024, Foton Truck will continue to deepen new energy transformation, and this year’s performance is worth looking forward to.