Foton Truck: Unveil the “Three Strategic Layouts” behind the dazzling achievements


Overseas markets, under the leadership of the “Belt and Road” initiative and becoming the goal of “world -class commercial vehicle enterprises”, Foton Truck Automobile actively promotes overseas market layout and continues to play the global leading advantage of light cards and Japanese VANs to comprehensively improve the global supply chain system capabilities. , Establish a global R & D system, in -depth research on overseas financial needs, and look forward to layout new energy business, build a mature business system and business team, thereby establishing the advantages of global development and realizing the development of commercial vehicles.

Data show that in 2023, Foton Truck has accumulated 131,000 commercial vehicles in overseas markets. In the Chilean micro card market, Colombia automatic card market and Bolivia heavy truck market, Foton Truck market share is the first; Foton Truck European Airlines Omuko has ranked first in overseas export sales for many years, becoming the high -end overseas markets in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other overseas markets The first choice of car purchase by China Light Card users.

It can be said that based on the “double carbon” strategy, new energy strategy, building a digital ecosystem, globalization strategy, and brand strategy, the five new business strategy directions. New growth engine. Not only did it achieve the business boundary breakthrough through upgrading the brand architecture, but also achieved the double growth of sales and word of mouth, but also used the international strategy as the core direction. Through years of global strategic layout and market deep cultivation, it occupied a larger share in the global market.

Over the years, Foton Motors has taken a new energy technology route of “pure electric+plug -in hybrid+fuel cell”. Based on the “oil -modified electricity/hydrogen+new platform”, it continuously iterates leading technology and launched diversified diversification New energy transportation solution for product portfolio.

In the field of hydrogen energy, Foton Motors has mastered the mature technology of hydrogen energy commercial vehicles. It has the world’s first 240kW fuel cell heavy card, 49 -ton liquid hydrogen heavy card, long -distance trunk logistics transportation hydrogen energy card, and 4.5 tons of hydrogen fuel card, Oman EST Products such as hydrogen fuel heavy trucks, 18 tons of hydrogen energy washing cars, and hydrogen fuel urban passenger cars cover the full series of models such as passenger cars, logistics, cold chains, sanitation, dumping, traction, etc. It shows the strength and responsibility of its pioneers.

The leading brand and technological advantages have given Foton Truck more competitive capital in the market to provide important support for its product innovation. In the field of automatic transmission products, in 2023, Foton Truck successively released heavy, medium, and light automatic transmission. In terms of the layout of the new heavy product, Foton Truck launched the first 48V diesel hybrid full -size pickup full -size pickup Mars pickup, a new generation of micro card Xiangling Q, a new generation of global expansion platform architecture light customer Tuyano big V and the first domestic positive direction in China R & D Electric Card at the bottom of the Oman.

In the future, the Foton brand will cover vehicles, components, digital technology and commercial ecology, and continue to launch new brands such as electric drive bridges, hybrids, hydrogen energy. Through technical brands, it is a technology brand for Foton Truck and various product brands. Low -carbon brand connotation.