Create a complete low -carbon ecosystem Floor Foton Truck to highlight the pattern with technology


The Foton Truck Ecological Innovation Conference was held in Guangzhou. Foton Truck released super low -carbon trucks, Tuyano V, and hybrid technology brands. Through the release of new products, Foton Truck’ understanding of the upgrade of low -carbon technology showed it. Foton Truck builds a complete low -carbon ecosystem.
As we all know, the automotive industry has a long industrial chain and widely involved. In the context of the “double carbon”, it is simply upgraded and breakthrough in the exhaust emissions and efficiency of automobile products. To achieve comprehensive upgrades and high -quality development, it is necessary to start from the entire industrial chain. This not only requires the efforts of automobile manufacturing companies themselves, but also jointly conjunctive suppliers, raw material providers, and even more upstream industrial chains to achieve the common ecosystem. Low carbon and development. The Foton Truck officially showed its new understanding of the ecosystem through this product release.

Breaking through traditional thinking to create a carbon reduction ecosystem

The Foton super low -carbon trucks released this time focus on the five -in -one building around electrification, basalt, green steel, lightweight, and green manufacturing to achieve 26.7 tons of carbon reduction in the entire life cycle of the product, which is equivalent to the absorption of carbon dioxide absorption of 1460 trees a year. quantity.

Foton Truck to highlight the pattern with technology-1

In fact, it is not difficult to see from the above -mentioned five -in -one super low -carbon trucks that Foton Truck has upgraded from traditional car carbon reduction thinking to carbon reduction in the full ecosystem, and there are achievements at two levels.
At the carbon reduction level of the full ecosystem, Foton Truck showed breakthrough carbon reduction ideas and development directions through this conference. The first is the most concerned about the industry is the application of inorganic environmental protection green fiber materials. The Xuanwu Rock Composite Materials of “Make a Car” have a variety of excellent performance such as high strength, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. sex. Related products achieved a weight loss of 172kg and carbon reduction of 2040kg in life cycle. It is believed that while “using a stone to build a car”, while bringing a real carbon reduction effect to Foton Truck, it will also “out of the circle” and become the future guidance direction in the field of material research and development.

The second is Foton Super low -carbon truck combined with green steel resources. For the first time, it is demonstrated by modules such as body floor beams, body reinforcement boards, and chassis brackets to carry out green steel technology applications to achieve cycling carbon reduction 105kg. This is to trace carbon reduction measures along the industrial chain in traditional materials, and promote technological progress in various aspects to promote material suppliers, thereby driving high -quality development throughout the ecological chain.

Foton Truck to highlight the pattern with technology-2
Back to the enterprise itself, Foton Truck focused on the implementation of 4 carbon reduction measures during the manufacturing stage to achieve a comprehensive carbon reduction of 236,000 tons. Through your own efforts, the upstream and downstream carbon reduction of the automobile manufacturing industry chain is fully opened to achieve a broader and more comprehensive carbon reduction.

The release of the low -carbon truck low -carbon truck in Foton shows its new ideas and understanding of its new ideas in the ecosystem. It is also a new idea to expand the material selection. It is reflected that this may become a starter that promotes the development of the entire industry, and it will promote the exploration of automobile manufacturing towards a new development direction.

Breakthrough in carbon reduction technology with products

In terms of electrification, Foton  Super low -carbon trucks use industry innovative applied commercial vehicle cold single bag PACK and electric drive bridge technology to improve electric drive technology. Compared with traditional energy products, carbon reduction is 20.3 tons of life cycle. The carbon ratio is 24%. The second is lightweight. With the “new material, new structure, new process” as the three major technologies, the systemicity is systematically undergoing product lightweight design and development and performance verification. Lightweight technical means such as design and advanced connection can be achieved to reduce the weight of the vehicle by 120kg, 1 degree of power saving per 100 kilometers, and the product battery life increases by 10 km. According to the full life cycle (300,000 km), the life cycle can be achieved 1905kg.

The Foton Truck Hybrid Resource panoramic matrix, with a displacement of 13 liters to 2.0 liters of 11 series of hybrid engines, including diesel engines, low -carbon fuel gas engines, torque range covers 2800N · m to 175N · m; 10 series of series; 10 series of series Hybrid special transmission, 12 gears of the highest gear, combine 6 single motor or dual motor hybrid technology platforms including P2, PS, P13, P12, P0, and increase process. All model platforms such as business cars cover more than 50 subdivided scenarios such as trunk traction, national transportation, sanitation, supermarkets, and cold chains, and controlled by the HCU independently developed. Foton Truck’s vehicle, Cummins’ engine, ZF AMT AMT Experts, etc. are jointly created.

Foton Truck showed its excellent product research and development capabilities and deep technical reserves through the release of a variety of products and technologies. The most important thing is that Foton Truck’s release through a number of low -carbon technology demonstrates its construction of the entire automotive industry. The determination of the low -carbon ecosystem layer, and through continuous exploration, found an innovative low -carbon development path. It is believed that in the context of reaching the “double carbon”, Foton Truck will be able to achieve faster development with its leading technology, advanced consciousness, and extraordinary pattern, and achieve higher goals.