Foton Trucks: Fear of quality, let quality become the soul of every employee’s work.


In Foton, the pursuit of excellence in quality has long been not a slogan, but the soul of the work of the enterprise staff, is melted in the work of all employees in the internal driving force. Whether they are in leadership positions of managers, directors, responsible for quality and technology of the chief engineer, technicians, or fighting in the production line operators, operators, transport drivers, maintenance workers, everyone has a quality red line in their hearts, any situation can not be shaken, they are not only the product of high-quality implementers, supervisors, but also to improve the quality of participants, proponents. Quality Assurance” has become the corporate culture of Foton, and everyone interacts and influences each other. From “Shaping first-class quality, pursuing customer satisfaction” in the early stage of the enterprise to “Building excellent quality, exceeding customers’ expectations”, Foton has always been committed to the quality of its products. From the beginning of the enterprise, “Shaping first-class quality, pursuing customer satisfaction”, to the present “creating excellent quality, exceeding customer expectations”, Foton Motor people are practicing the new culture concept of “customer-centred, building a hundred years of Foton”.
In terms of quality system construction, Foton launched the 112345 action plan, namely: one centre, one consciousness, two businesses, three capabilities, four habits and five priorities. In-depth practice of the concept of customer-centricity, focus on customer experience, continue to strengthen the quality awareness of all staff, in the new energy and overseas business, the formation of a quality control model in line with the characteristics of the two businesses, the construction of the end-to-end process system capacity, enhance the ability to self-driven improvement, strengthen the integration and use of resources, the formation of the results of the more important process of the style of work, the company’s efforts to the quality of the war against persistent problems.
The system of heavy rewards and penalties demonstrates Foton’s determination to comprehensively improve quality. Every year, Foton Motor puts out 7 million yuan as the quality award to reward the people and things that contribute to the quality improvement, and at the same time puts out 30 million yuan for rewarding the projects that overcome the 5 major quality problems that have been sorted out. Face-to-face accountability is even more important part of Foton Motor’s iron face. No matter who, no matter what level of manager, as long as they did not complete the quality task, they have to accept accountability in front of all employees, which comprehensively improves the quality awareness of employees.

Honouring the future and fighting the battle for quality in 2024-3
With the joint participation and efforts of all employees, the product quality of Foton Motor has been steadily improved, and the system capability has been continuously improved. 2023, the overall IQS quality satisfaction is 20% better than competitors, and the quality complaint rate has been reduced by 17% year-on-year; the use of quality IPTV-3MIS and IPTV-12MIS has been improved by 14% and 12% year-on-year, respectively; and the delivery quality has been continuously improved, and the degree of finesse is 10% better than competitors, and the functional performance is 10% better than competitors. Delivery quality continued to improve, with fineness 10% better than competitors and functionality 2.5% better than competitors. The quality system was gradually improved, with the system compliance rate increased by 2.8% year-on-year and the process compliance rate increased by 4% year-on-year.
“Every year, Foton will hold a quality release conference and a signing ceremony of the listed projects to monitor some of the persistent problems that have affected the company’s product quality for a long time, so as to lock the target, pursue excellent performance, vigorously improve the quality of the enterprise’s operation and help the company become a green technology and a market-leading international enterprise. A green technology and market-leading international enterprise.