Foton Trucks: Honouring the future and fighting the battle for quality in 2024


The year 2024 is the year of quality attack for Foton Trucks. Foton Trucks will focus on the third phase of the quality strategy, focusing on the five quality directions of “determining the establishment of international quality standards, improving the quality experience of customers, waging a war on persistent quality problems, promoting the transformation of the two qualities, and building an excellent quality system”, and make the greatest contribution of quality people in the process of realising the company’s high-quality development. In the process of achieving the company’s high-quality development, we will make the greatest contribution of quality people. Under the overall goal, Foton will make quality satisfaction 22% better than competitors; improve quality complaint rate by 10%; use quality: IPTV-3MIS by 7%; IPTV-12MIS by 16%; reduce the failure rate of three packages by 18%; delivery quality: reduce the demerit points of vehicle refinement (audit) by 5%, improve the functional performance (commerciality evaluation) by 2%, and make benchmarking review better than competitors by 10%. 10 per cent.

Honouring the future and fighting the battle for quality in 2024
In terms of management, Foton will push forward the performance excellence model, change from quality improvement to quality prevention, and change from physical quality to operational quality. Focusing on improving the product transformation ability to precisely define customer needs, the lean manufacturing and delivery ability with high efficiency and low cost, the service guarantee ability to satisfy customer experience, and the system ability for efficient operation. Put customer-centred awareness, process and digital change awareness, and compliance awareness into practice. While paying close attention to the quality work on the ground, we will further improve the quality system of the new energy whole value chain, continuously improve the adaptability of overseas products, and enhance the cultivation of quality talents and the construction of quality culture through the systematic management of strategic customers and special-purpose vehicles, the optimisation of the quality process and digital change, and the implementation of systematic planning. Integrate the quality demand into the digital construction of the whole value chain, systematically plan and construct the digitalisation of the whole process of quality, and realise the transmission, sharing and application of quality data of the whole value chain through the quality digitalisation platform, so as to improve the quality operation efficiency. Quality business process optimisation and digital transformation will be promoted as an important task of the quality system.

Foton will also open up the REMS system to achieve IT and visual management of the whole process of customer demand from collection, analysis, distribution and validation through information channels such as the 400 call centre, customer satisfaction surveys, and Telematics, so as to fully interpret and understand customer demand, and provide effective inputs for back-end product planning, product planning and product development. At the same time, by paying close attention to customer demands, policy and regulatory changes, and environmental changes, we can make a prediction of the product technology route, co-ordinate the resources of the entire product line for overall planning, ensure that the products meet customer demands, and improve the quality of operational efficiency.
As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. The reason why Foton can lead the market and be favoured by consumers comes largely from the strong quality system he has built, and the progressive function of continuous self-improvement and updating. It can be said that having a heart of reverence is the killer mace of Foton’s long-sleeved dance.