Customer -centered Foton Truck to promote industry development with innovative services


Foton Truck, as the largest and largest commercial vehicle company in China, has the first commercial vehicle industry for 19 consecutive years. It has the first overseas exports for 13 consecutive years. Car companies.

Of course, the achievements of the results are not achieved overnight. This is inseparable from the two -way travel between enterprises and users, and it is inseparable from the multi -dimensional innovation and self -breakthrough of the enterprise itself. Regardless of adversity, Foton Motors always adheres to the service tenet of “customer -centric” and providing consumers with high -quality products and customer experience.

Foton Truck has optimized and adjusted the service network layout, and actively promoted the service network to sink to the county. At the same time, the pursuit of higher service network operating quality, while strengthening maintenance and hard power and customer experience soft power, through designing digital service processes, accurately identifying customer needs, upgrading service engineering platforms, establishing predictive service systems and intelligent diagnosis The service system, combined with multi -party resources to empower market terminals, and promote the coordinated development of the service network.

Secondly, Foton Motors is building a regional service center. Through business structure adjustments, it will build a regional three -dimensional comprehensive service capabilities, better close to customers, and build a bridge between enterprises to communicate with customers.
We have learned that in order to meet the diverse demand of customers, Foton Motors launched “foreseeable services” in a targeted manner, and used advanced technologies to provide customers with early foresight services, reducing failure rates, and improving operating efficiency. To achieve more and higher customer value, the foreseeable service contains 4 core products: predictive diagnosis, cloud standard, cloud steward, and intelligent point inspection. The use of big data to drive the intelligent management of enterprises has been used. It has achieved good results in remote diagnosis and other aspects. Not only that, in the field of new energy, Foton Truck has developed a power battery risk early warning platform. During the use of the battery, the battery status is monitored in real time, and the risk items data in time are used to remind customers or actively check the vehicles to avoid failure as much as possible as much as possible. occur.

Today, Futian Motor has achieved the improvement and improvement of the value chain through the digital process, and gradually establishes a customer -centric ecosystem. At the same time, it uses big data to drive enterprises to manage intelligence. Customers’ personalized customization, why is this not a manifestation of the company’s progress?

As mentioned at the beginning, let customers feel better service, which is the consistent purpose of Foton Truck.