Foton Truck’s high energy sales in February increased new energy sales increased by 31.9%


Winter goes to spring, and 2024 is opened. At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, Foton Truck continued a good start and achieved good results. In February, Foton Truck sales reached 30,242 vehicles, and the sales of new energy products increased by 31.9%year -on -year, and overseas sales increased by 12.9%year -on -year.

New energy in many aspects of synchronization, strong growth momentum

Foton Truck said at the 2024 marketing conference that at the stage of explosive growth in commercial vehicles new energy, Foton Truck will continue to transform and develop new energy, comprehensively speed up the layout of new energy products, and focus on direct sales, terminals, new energy sources on the market. Construction of service system capabilities; at the same time, accelerate marketing ecological construction in new energy sources, and combine external platforms to support dealers to develop key businesses such as leasing, charging and replacement, optical storage and distribution, etc., and create a full -value chain green ecological system.

Foton Truck's high energy sales

In February, the sales volume of Foton Truck increased by 31.9%year -on -year, and the growth was strong. It maintained a good “opening door” trend and became a attention growth point for Foton Truck. In terms of Zhongzhong Card, the sales volume of Oman new energy products increased by 233.3%year -on -year, and the sales volume of European Airlines Emarta’s new energy increased by 27.2%year -on -year; Foton Truck’s traditional superior product -light card maintained a strong growth momentum. Among them, the sales volume of Aoling Zhilan New Energy increased by 37.8%year -on -year; in terms of micro cards, Xiangling sold 5,385 units, of which new energy sales increased by 167.5%year -on -year, achieving double growth; in terms of passenger cars, Fukuda Ouhui New Energy Bus Cars Sales 433 units, an increase of 62.8%year -on -year.

The orders are coming, and the goals will be popular in the peak season

At the Foton Truck 2024 Southern Expedition Conference, Foton Truck’s new products were listed, including Oman Gas Machines, Ouma EX, Ozu V Card, Xiangling Q New Energy Edition, Tuyano Qian Duoduo, Mars Pickup 7, and Mars Pickup 7 and New energy and new energy sources such as Risa with car cranes and high -altitude operating vehicles. Foton Truck’s high -quality products have also won the recognition and trust of customers in the south. At the event site, at the same time, it signed a strategic cooperation with companies such as Yingfeng Environment and Fuzhou State Control. A total of 3,600 large orders were harvested, achieving the opening of the southern market. These star products will help southern users to achieve efficient operations and win -win development.

Foton Truck has achieved high growth in the field of new energy vehicles, which fully illustrates the strong competitiveness and good development momentum of Foton Truck in the new energy vehicle market. In the future, with the continuous expansion of the new energy vehicle market and the continuous attention of consumers for environmental travel methods, Foton Truck is expected to achieve better results in the field of new energy vehicles.

In addition, Foton Truck has also received goods in overseas markets. Foton New Energy products have spread throughout Australia, Asia -Pacific, South America and other markets. As of February 7,  Foton Truck has continued to deliver 46 pure electric buses to Malaysia. This has not only become the largest pure electric buses in Malaysia to the Malaysia. The status of the bus team has injected new impetus into Malaysia’s practice of green traffic. At the same time, the pure electric buses delivered in the Latin American region have also exceeded 1,400, becoming the brand with the highest electric buses in the Latin America. In Malta, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, India, Egypt and other markets,  Foton Truck pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell buses have also realized commercialization of core scenarios such as bus systems and international airports.

Foton Truck showed a strong development momentum when the start of 2024. Both have achieved remarkable results in the new energy field and overseas markets. At the same time, the signing of new products and the signing of large orders have also laid a solid foundation for future development. It is believed that Foton Truck will continue to increase innovation, improve product quality and service level, and achieve annual goals at a faster speed.