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Foton TUNLAND S:Foton’s next-generation pickup

Tunland is equipped with Cummins’ power system, Asen and Getrag drive system,consistent with the European standard of discharge (Euro IV-Europe V), with the double-
arm independent suspension, and longitudinal plate spring, with a wading depth as much as 600mm, and a ground clearance of 210mm, able to realize the cross-country ideal perfectly. The technical configurations such as TCS, Bosch ABS + EBD, HBA, automatic lighting of the headlamps, GPS global positioning system, etc. have brought more driving pleasure. The multi-storage space design has fully demonstrated the care for details and personalized needs.

The Foton TUNLAND S is Foton’s next-generation pickup.

This Foton TUNLAND S is equipped with the latest technology and is extremely reliable. Thanks to its special design, the Tunland offers you impressive visibility and an extraordinary driving experience .

Displaying perfection in every detail, the Tunland is truly in a class of its own. For both work and play, the Tunland is the ideal choice for the discerning driver.

2.8L Cummins engine,
Dual Airbag Bucket Liner


The powerful 120KW Cummins ISF 2.8 diesel engine in the Tunland is the most powerful in the category of engines with a displacement of less than 3.0L. It also has a maximum torque of 360Nm , which is 22.5-60% higher than similar products . Therefore, the Tunland can easily withstand harsh road conditions.

The Tunland features the latest turbocharger intake system. BOSCH ‘s electronically controlled high-pressure common rail injection system guarantees the best performance.

The powertrain is based on a modular design concept. It has 40% fewer components than other similar products . The engine is also 10% lighter than those used in similar pickups . Thanks to its special design, it operates at extremely low noise and vibration levels. Engine maintenance is easy and cost effective.

This model is equipped with a 12-hole particle injector and EFI technology.
The exhaust system includes a dual tubular exhaust manifold with a catalytic converter.
The intake system is based on the MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control) system with 4 cylinders and 16 valves.